10 Things Narcissists Truly Fear And Why

Narcissists expect and demand attention from everyone and they never consider the emotions of those around them.

There are some people who have a mild form of narcissism and they can lead normal lives without abusing people, the higher the level of narcissism the more damage they do.

Those with full-blown narcissism abuse and destroy everyone in their path and they are not always easy to spot.

Psychology Today writes:

The hallmarks of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are grandiosity, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration. People with this condition are frequently described as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. They may also have grandiose fantasies and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment. These characteristics typically begin in early adulthood and must be consistently evident in multiple contexts, such as at work and in relationships. 

People with NPD often try to associate with other people they believe are unique or gifted in some way, which can enhance their own self-esteem. They tend to seek excessive admiration and attention and have difficulty tolerating criticism or defeat.

10 Things Narcissists Truly Fear And Why:

  1. Failure

Narcissists can be found in top positions as it feeds their ego and they believe they are entitled to be top dog. If they fail in this they become closed off and dangerous, they spend time planning on taking what they want, and being seen as a failure messes with their mind.

  1. Abandonment/Rejection

Narcissists must be in control and have control of those around them. If they have seen you as a potential target and you reject them, they do not react well to this, they have to be admired, almost worshipped.

  1. Public Humiliation

Narcissists can not cope with being humiliated especially in public, although this is what they do to others often. Perception of who they are in one of their most important traits and if you cause them to be viewed in a negative light or even laughed at their retaliation will be swift and deadly.

  1. Death

Many fear death for different reasons, yet a narcissist fears death because in death they cease to exist and no longer have control of those in their life. They know that in death those left behind will be relieved at their passing.

  1. Being Insulted

Narcissists love to insult people it is how they control people, yet if they are insulted this shakes them to their very core it is a ‘how dare you do that to me’ situation and they hate that you have given them a taste of their own medicine.

  1. Feeling Invisible

Narcissists hate to be ignored by people. It actually stresses them out as they believe they should be the most important person around and they need to be admired and attention given to them.

  1. Remorse 

The narcissist rarely feels remorse for any of their actions, if they do feel remorse, they will consider it a sign of weakness and that the person who is making them feel this way is their enemy.

  1. Their Own Inadequacies

Narcissists believe they are perfect in every way. Should someone highlight any shortcomings it plays havoc on their mind, they become angry and vicious towards that person, as they have shown the world that they are not perfect.

  1. Being Exposed 

Narcissists are cruel and devious people, they are experts at hiding their true nature for quite some time, even years. So, when someone shows them for who they truly are it brings their fake, perfect world crashing down, and makes them angry and uncharacteristically afraid.

  1. Feeling Shamed

Should someone shame them, they feel unappreciated, it makes them angry and as is often the case when exposed they feel humiliated. The more that this happens the more discouraged and deranged the narcissist will become.