3AM The Witching Hour

People across the globe report that they find themselves waking for no apparent reason at 3 am and often feel confused and disorientated.

3 am most often referred to as the witching hour can be found throughout history, even Pope John Paul, the second and the Catholic Church defined that time as the witching hour, which only fed into the dark period in history where so many innocent people lost their lives driven by mass hysteria.

Often 3 am is described as the period of the night where the veil between this life and the dead is at its thinnest. It is where ghosts are said to be able to visit the living and pass on messages and cause a nuisance if you are so inclined to believe that to be true.

Those with psychic abilities find this time of night is where their gifts reach their full potential, so they keep an open mind as to what they see, hear, and feel.

When we wake at this time, we have a feeling of weird disorientation, perhaps sensing a presence that leaves us uncomfortable, even afraid.

History shows us that it was believed by those who accused people of witchcraft that they used the darkest hour of the night as their source of power, hence the name ‘witching hour’.

Hospitals have reported that they have more deaths between the hour of 3 am – 4 am, with no apparent reason for this except that our body temperature appears to reach its lowest during that time.

The most frequent reports of sleep paralysis are during this time too, which can go a long way to explaining the feeling weird and disorientated when we awake.

There is no scientific proof as to why we wake at this point in the night, yet if you look across the different cultures they all report this period of time as being woken for no reason, so it begs the question why does this happen, and we are left with no answers.

Whether you believe in the paranormal, life after death, ghosts, ghoulies, and demons you can’t avoid the fact people wake up.

A thread on Reddit showed just how many people do wake up and are left confused one Reddit user even went so far as to note having woke every single night for ten years straight.

Whether there is a sinister side to the witching hour, or its just our body clock pulling us out of rem sleep due to a drop in body temperature is open to interpretation. The video below makes for interesting viewing.

Perhaps there is more to the nights keeping you up, and if we keep our minds open, we may just learn finally what the witching hour is all about.