7 Zodiac Signs That Are Unable To Let Others In

Everyone has walls they put up to protect themselves, some seem impossible to climb. These 7 signs in particular have problems letting anyone in.


Aries often finds it impossible to face their emotions. They just go through the motions of life without really focusing on the issue in hand. They work hard to give themselves financial security but when it comes to relationships, they can’t let people in as they feel safer keeping a distance.


Taurean has no idea how to open up to people, they are kind and caring people but should someone try to get closer they panic and put boundaries up. They see most people as untrustworthy and never share their secrets as they don’t like anyone having such a hold over them.


Well known as the most sociable sign of the zodiac, they are suspicious of people and their intentions. They hate the feeling of being vulnerable to anyone so if they keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves in their mind, they are safe.


You will rarely ever see a Virgo giving open access to themselves to people, they will give a little just so people think they have been let in. The truth is you haven’t been and they are testing you to see what you do with what they have shared with you.


Despite appearances, this sign is not as altogether as you think. They fall apart in private as they feel that’s the only place that they can express their emotions. You will often wonder what is going on in their head but you will rarely have an answer.


They rarely think of themselves and look at the bigger picture in life. If you are lucky enough to be close to them, just know you are not seeing the full picture. They can come across as cold as they hold all their emotions in and feel close relationships are at times too much effort.


They are detached and struggle with anyone new entering their life. They shut down leaving people wondering what they have done wrong, they haven’t done anything wrong they just don’t like change which a new person is. If they are not ready to talk about something there is nothing that can make them talk until they are ready.