8 Total Bullsh*t Things Cheaters Say

Once you cheat on someone in any relationship, you are creating a threat to your own self-esteem and trust. While there are no parameters of defining a cheater, but the fact is that they exist and can often lead the victim toward destruction and heartbreak. Cheaters are immature, insensitive, and hurtful people. The horrifying reality is that betrayal is becoming common. When you find someone cheating you, you should definitely consider giving up on them. Unfortunately, in many cases victims are drawnback to the person who cheated on them.

Due to their manipulative and charming personality, cheaters often gain the trust of their victim. They have the abilities to fool you and that is something you shouldn’t allow anyone to do.

Here are the eight common things you will hear from a cheater— and you should definitely not believe them.

They will promise a change.

First of all, their behavior will always hurt you. Once they choose someone else over you, there is no chance of any change in them. However, they will always try to gain your trust by promising a change in the future.They will try to make a fool out of you and that’s something you should not allow them to do.

They will justify their acts.

For them, temporary escape and sexual gratification with multiple people is common. They do not consider the importance of loyalty. Unfortunately, they are too immature to understand the meaning of a commitment. You should give up on them rather than listening to their justification.

They will ask you for forgiveness.

They might always seem consistent, loyal and mature. However, they will always make some mistakes while fooling you. They will always ask for forgiveness for their disrespectful, unkind, rude and dishonest approach toward their commitment. They will try to present their behavior as a mistake. Once they manage to regain your trust, they will continue to discount the relationship.

They will blame you for their actions.

A cheater will always blame you for their actions and will recall all your mistakes too. In this way, the cheater is able to find an escape. They will never address the issues to find a solution like a proper conversation or a couple. They will continue to play the blame game to reduce their guilt.

They will make you angry at the one they cheated with.

Rather than being accountable for their actions, they will provide excuses such as “they were seduced.” They will betray and exploit your trust by blaming the third person. However, they alone are responsible for their deeds. They are the one who owes you loyalty.

They will hide things from you.

They will try to hide things from you. On exposure, they will never give you any explanation. Rather they will come up with excuses that they never wanted to hurt you and that’s why they kept hiding the undiscovered lies. The truth is they should not be in a position where they have to hide something from you.

They will make you believe that you are overreacting.

They will never evaluate the magnitude of their acts. They will always concentrate on your reaction. So, your reaction to any matter will become the bigger problem. This is how they attain an escape from being accountable for their actions. On the other side, you will be confused about your feelings and emotions.

They will make you feel a temporary change.

You might find a temporary change in their behaviors. However, the reality is that they will continue to disrespect and devalue you over and over again. So, if a person shows you their true colors by betraying you, you should believe them for once and for all.

If you have such a person in your life, it is high time for you to overcome the toxic relationship. Otherwise, you will continue to abuse yourself mentally and emotionally.