8 ways a friendship will feel if its meant to be forever.

There are never any guarantees in life, so it is impossible to say some things for sure. But every once in a while you will meet someone who you just know you’re supposed to have in your life, sometimes even forever. It’s impossible to say definitively whether or not someone will walk by your side for the rest of your life there are usually a few huge signs that they are there to stay forever. These are a few.

1. Your connection is different than others you have

Regardless of if it was love at first sight or not the relationship you have is different than the others you have. You look up to and admire them in a way that is like nobody else before. You could talk to them for hours, and still not run out of things to say. Even if you haven’t known them for long, it feels like they’ve been in your life forever.

2. You can be completely yourself

NO matter how social you are or aren’t there are always two levels of comfort within those dynamics. There are people who you can never fully let your guard down around, and the ones that just get you. People who are meant to be in your life forever are the ones you can be your absolute self with. Pour your heart out, tell them you’re deepest darkest woes, and not worry about how you look or if you are too silent that day.

3. It as if you shared blood

This bond goes deeper than just the normal confines of friendship. They are like your family. You would have them by your side in your lowest moments or even at your hospital bed. They are the ones who know you so well they can walk in without knocking, or maybe even have their won key. In the same way that you feel so close, protective, and connected to members of your family that you love, you have that same sense with them. 

4. You look towards the future together

This person inspires you to move forward. Together, you talk about your goals, dreams, and what life has in store for you. They are someone who not only motivates you to grow but gets down in the trenches with you. You’ll be spending a lot of time together as the years go on, because what you want is so similar, and you’re building those dreams together.

5. You see the best in each other.

We are all a little damaged at the surface it seems like. But these friends don’t get hung up on the small imperfections. They can see deep down inside how valuable you truly are. They believe in your potential.

6. Seeing each other is effortless.

You know how to make time for each other and it never feels like a burden. Even better than that the time you share doesn’t have to be preplanned and perfect. You can enjoy just sitting home with no makeup and sweats on just the same as going out for a night on the town. Being together is easy and fun.

7. You’d call them in an emergency.

You know that in your darkest moments you could turn to them. They would show up for you no matter how inconvenient it might be. They could even be your emergency contact if needed because you absolutely rely on them.

8. They make life feel more worth living.

They are a constant reminder that many people have good hearts, that you are loved, that you do belong, and that life is worth it when you have someone to weather the highs and lows with. They will always be there for you and you for them. It makes the world a bit less lonely and easier to navigate.