8 Ways Crystals Can Change Your Life Even If You’re not Spiritual

For centuries people have used crystals as a way to treat physical, mental and spiritual blockages.

As the crystals come from the earth, they help you to connect to the healing energy of the planet, they have the ability to make you feel energized and balanced.

You don’t have to be spiritual to enjoy their benefits, each crystal has a unique ability to heal the different aspects of your life.

The power of crystals and other stones has long been recognized and they are all beautiful in their own right as well as their healing properties.

If you are looking for some crystals that may help you in some aspects of your life that could bring about some changes then read on.

1. Boosting Energy


We all run low on energy at some point and the Bloodstone will not only increase your energy it will also increase your drive and enthusiasm. It will aid you with overcoming tiredness and lethargy and in doing so will help with any negative thoughts you may be having.

In ancient times it was often worn as an amulet as they believed it helped purify their blood as when blood flows smoothly, we are stronger.

2. Clearing the Mind and Optimizing Health

Quartz Crystal

Have you ever touched a quartz crystal? If you have you will most likely have felt as if some sparks of energy has touched your skin. Quartz crystal is made of silica and has the ability to raise your bodies vibration and bring clarity to your mind.

Rose Quartz

Another popular quartz is the rose quartz, a pink stone that has been known to help release pent up emotions that are making you feel unhappy and of course it is also known to aid with love and that every elusive search for Ms/Mr Right.

3. Remove Creativity Blocks

Carnelian Crystal

If you feel burned out, uninspired, perhaps even stuck in life then the Carnelian crystal is one of the most popular ones around. The vibrant color and warmth given off will stimulate you to get back on track and meet your goals. It is also known as the action stone as it stimulates you to get on with things and not procrastinate.

4. Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Amethyst Crystal

The world we live in today is chaotic and noisy, life is stressful and that stress shows in many ways such as anxiety, fear, rage, mood swings which seem never-ending. The Amethyst crystal is well known for absorbing negative energy that nightmares leave behind. If you find you are experiencing nightmares due to your hectic life, place a piece of Amethyst under your pillow you’ll be surprised in the morning that you have had no nightmares and a restful night’s sleep.

Celestite Crystal

When you experience anxiety and stress your muscles tense up which can then bring on headaches, try putting a piece celestite directly onto the area that is causing tension and pain.

5. Letting Go of Anger and Resentment


Life gives us many trials and when this happens, we sometimes do or say or have things done to us that are difficult to forgive. This will stop you moving on in life and will continue to build within you to the point of anger. Try holding a piece of rhodonite in your hands, think about all that has built up inside you and give those thoughts to the crystal, let it absorb your pain, you should feel better for doing so.


If you have experienced major trauma in your life, and are open to meditation, hold a piece of malachite in your hands, imagine yourself moving away from the trauma and into your future free of fear.

6. Improving Your Career

Bloodstone paper weight

If you find yourself struggling at work, perhaps finding colleagues not so agreeable or you just can’t seem to get the latest project off the ground, invest in a bloodstone paperweight and leave it on your desk with the project documents underneath. It is a stone of courage and will help you meet your deadline. You will find people around you will become fascinated with your paperweight but not know what it is doing,


If you have some big company event to plan and the whole organizing has been left firmly on your shoulders then you can’t go wrong having some obsidian on your side, keep it in your pocket and when you start to feel anxious rub the stone between your fingers it will calm you.


If you have changed jobs or even just a new position have some serpentine close to hand it will help you cope with the many changes.

7. Bringing Abundance and Prosperity

Citrine Crystal

People are always surprised when they find that crystals can also help with finances. If you have a habit of overspending keep a small piece of citrine in your purse or wallet so that each time you open it you will see it and you’ll be prompted to think twice before spending money. Equally, if you own your own business keep some next to your cash register so that it works for you bringing money in and not just out.


Malachite is known for improving any business prospects you may be considering, such as a new contract for your business or even a job interview. It is also known for deflecting dishonest people away from you.


This crystal represents money so if you are struggling with debt keep some about you and in particular in your purse or wallet when you think of buying something hold the peridot for a few minutes and wait for the urge to spend money you do not have to pass.

Tigers Eye

The Tigers Eye is known to improve patience and in this example the patience to save money and wait for when that money can be put to better use.


Aventurine is known for opening up your mind to your artistic side and knowing your self-worth. You will start to see opportunities around you that before you didn’t even know existed.

8. Protecting Against EMF


We are surrounded by electronic devices, phone, laptop, microwave to name a few and they emit an electromagnetic field and it is impossible to avoid them. Some of them can and do have a negative effect on us without us even noticing. A shungite acts as a shield to the EMF, so place a piece near your microwave, computer, laptop and your phone when not in use. You can get some amazing pieces of jewellery made from shungite so perhaps treat yourself to some and have all-round protection.