A Strong Woman Would Rather Stay Single Than Spend Her Time With An Asshole

All the people who think women are a weak gender should really gain some perspective. There’s nothing better in this world than a woman who is independent, intelligent and tough. A strong woman can do anything that she puts her mind to, so never underestimate her. She can turn the world around and be an inspiration for others. She is not dependent on good luck or favorable circumstances. She never waits for a good time to leap into opportunity, but instead takes her destiny in her own hands and makes it the best. She is clever, choosy, and classy. She never settles for “average.”

Most women are under the pressure of society’s view and they end up considering themselves as weak. Only the women who fight that can spin the world on their fingers. They’re aware of their powers, capabilities, and self-worth.

Generally, people instill it in women’s minds that they can’t live or survive without a man in their life. We teach our daughters from day one to give importance to their brother, father, son, and husband more than anyone else on earth. We pamper the men in our society so much that we forget to teach them that women are equally as important and powerful.

A strong woman is never brought up with this mentality, she is raised to self-love, self-respect, and understand her self-worth. She gives importance to the right people no matter what gender they belong to. She only lets the right people stay in her life and not everyone is welcome into her life. She refuses to allow anyone to enter into her life that will try to destroy her emotionally or otherwise.

She lets only those in her life who respect her, who know her true significance and realize her importance. No one can force her to bow in front of them. In fact, she needs no man to please her or to give her happiness because she is the creator of her own happiness and contentment.

A strong woman is not strong from day one. It’s the scenarios shes faced, deception of men, and society that is responsible for creating this cold stone. She has gone through too much and can’t let any idiot tear her down.

She trains her mind to cut out all of the nonsense in her life and move away from the people who cause trouble and hurdles in her way. She is not scared that she will be alone if she cuts all of the bad people out. A strong woman prefers to be alone rather than spend her time with toxic people.

She never lets anyone make her cry like a feeble girl, instead, she fights the ones who try to put her down or humiliate her. Her ego cannot be crushed the way it once was. She knows exactly what she wants from people, and what to do with her life.

She is not among those who waste their life in waiting for Mr. Perfect, who comes in and changes everything. In fact, she is her own Mr. Perfect, who changes her own life in the best way, with her own hands. She is not bothered by all the people around that are being lovey-dovey. She is the super-hero in her own story and prefers to remain alone rather than being with a guy who doesn’t know how to deal with such a strong and passionate woman.

Only the right man who is raised by a queen can uncover all the emotions in such an amazing woman, and treat her like the true gem that she is. If a strong woman can’t find such a man, she will not run after just any man to please her, nor will she wait for such a guy. She would rather stay alone and happy with herself.

It takes nerves to be a strong woman. They can be strong and bossy, and they know what they are and what they can do. A strong woman is capable beyond pleasing a man, bearing kids or sacrificing herself. She can do wonders that most ordinary people can’t do.