A stunning dragon egg was discovered in Arkansas!!

Its not everyday a discovery like this is made. Something that can only be described as a dragon egg is sure to bring your mind to magical lands. But this wasn’t found in far away Narnia but instead in the deep woods of Arkansaw! A sizeable and scaly object was unearthed and it caused a lot of speculation online. But this oddity may be worth a lot more than just some interesting internet conversation. It turns out it is quite valuable as well!! According to a local media report, pictures of the weird find were posted to the Facebook group Arkansas History Unearthed by a man named Drew Baledge. Accompanying the picture he posted, he states an acquaintance had stumbled upon the mysterious object in a field and asked “what if anything could this possibly be?”

As things tend to go on social media there was an immediate uproar of suggestions and opinions from everyone in the group. Guessing it might be a turtle shell, fossilized dinosaur scat, or even a mushroom. Some even went as far as saying it was a dragon egg or better yet left behind by aliens. Others were more concerned about what could become of the two-foot-long object as opposed to what it was. Warning against cutting into it or bringing it inside of a home.

Despite all of the wild guesses the object turned out to be not so crazy after all. The mystery was solved when it was determined to be a septarian nodule, which is a geological formation colloquially called a ‘Dragon Stone’ due to its scaly appearance. Finished or polished versions can go for a very high price when sold. This particular piece may be worth a considerable amount of money given its prodigious size. Imagine having such a stunning piece sitting on a shelf in your home. The stories you could tell about slaying dragons would be endless!