According To The Zodiac, It’s Not Only Women Who Have An Ideal Dream Date, Men Do Too

It always used to be that men made the first moves in asking a woman out on a date, it was down to them to plan the perfect first date and pay for it too.

Times have changed, women ask men out on dates first now too, they do the planning and some pay for it too.

Would it surprise you to know that men dream of what a perfect date should be like just like us women, and their dreams are often led by the zodiac sign they are born under.


As they are adventurous and love to try something new and exciting, the last thing that they view as an ideal first date is going for a cup of coffee or the movies, that’s way too boring for them. Perfection for them is going to a new place that you can explore together.


They love food and lots of it, they also like luxury so an exclusive restaurant with a menu that will light his taste buds is bound to be a winner. They love fine wine and the service has to be impeccable to make it a perfect date.


They love meeting new people and wouldn’t mind a first date consisting of a group outing, they love to experience new things too, so get your thinking head on girl and find something out the box for the date, if all fails, they enjoy clubbing too.


They like things that are familiar to them, they are not ones for stepping out of their comfort zone. Get to know what he likes before planning the date as somewhere he doesn’t know will make him feel awkward and uncomfortable which won’t bode well for the date night.


Well, he is his biggest fan, so the date has to be all about him and what he likes. If you take him somewhere that would put all the focus on him then you are onto a winner. He wouldn’t say no to a spa day either as he loves massages and even a good facial.


They can be quite serious men and have strong views that each day is a day for learning something new. Learning plays a huge part in their life, so you wouldn’t be making a mistake if the date was to a museum he has never been to before.


They love to communicate and they view that as the important factor of any relationship, so you wouldn’t go wrong arranging an intimate dinner for the two of you where you can spend time getting to know each other over a great meal.


They don’t much care for public first dates, they prefer somewhere private such as your home and this isn’t an excuse to get into your pants. He just doesn’t like people watching what should be private quality time for you both. He needs to bond with you.


They love adventure and enjoy road trips. Take him on a mystery road trip where he has no idea where you are going to end up, it doesn’t even have to be miles away, just have the final destination a surprise and a place to eat and you’ll be onto a winner.


These men are quite old fashioned in what they think dating should be like, but they wouldn’t decline you asking them on a date as that would be rude unless he really doesn’t like you. He thinks dates should be dinner and a movie so you can’t go wrong with planning that.


Despite how they normally behave these guys do like to step out of the box when it comes to dating. He would enjoy going to an art exhibition, an underground club and bonus points girl if his favorite band is the entertainment of the night.


Candlelit dinner for two is what they dream of as a first date with you. He wants romance just like you do, so make him feel extra special by making the night about what he dreams of, you could even make the romantic dinner at yours and he will enjoy it just as much as he would a restaurant.