Amazing Moment Caught On Video Of An Orangutan Watching A Human Mum Breastfeed Her Baby

It has long been said that humans could learn a lot from the animal kingdom and this video just confirms that. A new mum was left emotional and in tears after a female orangutan protected her as she breastfeed her young son when she visited a zoo.

Gemma Copeland, 30 was on vacation in Vienna, Austria, with her partner Shane, 31, and their 15-week old son Jasper.

The orangutan kisses the glass as she gazes at Gemma breastfeeding her baby son. Credit: Mercury Press
The incredible moment was captured on camera and lasted around 30 minutes. Credit: Mercury Press
Gemma was left in tears by the emotional encounter. Credit: Mercury Press

Gemma realized that Jasper was hungry whilst they were in the orangutan enclosure, so she sat down in a corner against the glass to feed her young son.

What happened next left Gemma and her partner Shane in awe and extremely emotional, as they watched a female orangutan move over to the glass to watch Gemma feed her son, and as she was doing so the orangutan put her hand on the glass and was blowing kisses.

Gemma is from Cheshire; UK and she said the encounter left her in tears by the incredible display of love and affection from the orangutan.

Gemma and Shane love to travel and they are mad about animals and did a last-minute deal to travel to Vienna, whilst there they noticed that the oldest zoo in the world is there.

Gemma says, “During our visit, I realized we nearly missed out on seeing the orangutans so we turned around and went back.

“We couldn’t see them in their enclosure so we just said, ‘let’s go home’, but I realized that they had come back out when we turned away so we went to go and look.

“I went to the window for a closer look and sat down by the window so my son could see the orangutan who was roughly five or six-foot away – I didn’t want to frighten her so I made myself smaller so I could take a picture.”

Gemma has since discovered the orangutan, Sol, had previously given birth to a stillborn infant.

Gemma says: “She then got up, carried a piece of cloth to the window and sat down with me.

“She looked directly into my eyes then placed her hand up as if to touch my son. I was in awe of this beautiful creature already.

“My son wanted feeding and as it was quiet, I fed him whilst I sat there.

“The way the orangutan reacted took my breath away she kept looking at me, then my son then back again.

“She sat with me for approximately half an hour and kept stroking the glass and lay down next to me as if to support and protect me.

“I was absolutely gobsmacked and got quite a crowd of people turning up to see what was going on – people were sat watching quietly and respectfully.

“It was really lovely and I didn’t want to leave – it felt incredible and I was crying so much because I couldn’t take it in.”

Gemma’s partner Shane videoed the amazing moment. Credit: Mercury Press

After Gemma shared the heartwarming moment on Facebook for her friends and family to see, it went viral – racking up millions of views, likes, and shares.

You can watch below the video of the beautiful bonding moment.