Awesome Tips To Be A Better Person

We all want to be a good decent person, it’s not as easy at it sounds though is it?

Sometimes we find ourselves reacting to a situation because quite frankly someone has pissed us off.

If you find yourself in a situation of saying yes to someone when we really should be saying no, is that being a good person, not really as you should be good to yourself as well as others.

Be satisfied with yourself 

Being satisfied with yourself and your life is key to being a better person.

If you find yourself not happy about a situation, saying yes to keep others happy won’t make you happy in yourself.

If you’re not happy it will eat away at you and you may find yourself becoming a bitchy person due to your frustrations.

Do what feeds your soul.

Think about others 

Don’t be that person who everyone dreads going out for a meal with.

You know the ones who are rude and bitchy to servers, their job is hard enough already without you adding to it.

Think about other people and how you behave, it costs nothing to be nice and can go a long way into making life run smoothly.

Leave past behind 

Don’t dwell on the past it will just make you miserable.

We all make mistakes in life, that is how we grow, but don’t go beating yourself up.

Apologize for your actions and hope it is accepted, if not there is nothing more you can do, move on, you have a life to live.


Your smile makes you shine, so use it.

It gives the impression you are a happy easy-going positive person and we all like to see those people around us.

When meeting people for the first time, use that beautiful smile of yours after all first impression do last a very long time.

Love your job 

There is nothing worse than being in a job you hate, it makes you miserable and can lead to depression.

We’ve all found ourselves in a job like that, so if you find yourself unhappy start looking for a job that will feed your soul, not just your checking account.

Help people around you 

If you someone is struggling with life, offer a helping hand.

This could just be a friend who listens without giving advice, most just need to feel they are being heard.

It will cost you nothing but a little bit of your time to be a good friend.

Be yourself 

Look after yourself. Be a loyal friend to yourself.

Above all be yourself, don’t try and be what the media says you should be.

There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be ‘like’ someone you admire, but make sure the traits you would like to have are really you.

Give these tips a try you may find you like yourself more than you did before.