Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town So They Can Grow Old Together

Do you ever just look at your best friend and think ‘she is so much my person and I want to grow old with her?’

Having a best friend is the best, you share your deepest thoughts and there is trust between you like no other.

Whilst some are planning nights out and retail therapy trips some best friends are planning their future and retirement in an incredible little eco-towns.

Four couples who are environmentalists and have been friends for over twenty years decided that they needed to have a secure future and to do that together would make the plan even better.

They found a peaceful place facing the Llano river in Austin, Texas and build their small eco-town for their golden years. They contacted San Antonio-based architect Matt Garcia and asked him to design four sustainable cabins, along with a common area, a guest bedroom, and a communal kitchen.

They named the settlement Llano Exit Strategy and each cabin cost in the region of $40,000. The interiors are constructed with light sanded plywood to keep the costs down. Every cabin is placed side by side so that each cabin has the same unobstructed view of the beautiful scenery. In the heat of summer, the cabins remain cool due to the corrugated steel walls and specially designed insulated windows. There are at least two windows in each room which provided great lighting and ventilation.

As the settlement is situated in a drought-affected region the roofs were slanted to enable the maximum collection of rainwater. The butterfly-style roofs capture in the region of 50,000 gallons which are stored in large barrels with underground pipes that keep the area irrigated.

This is a magical place, but it’s arid,” said future-resident Fred Zipp. “We’re doing what we can to preserve as much water as possible for the native trees and grasses. Fortunately, they’re beautiful.”

Each cabin has a personal area of 400 square feet and has a fitted queen-size bed, a couch, a reading table with a chair, as mall bathroom, bookshelves and a porch with the most amazing view of the mountains.

The common area spans 1,500 square foot, this is where the couples come together to relax and have quality time together. The common area also has a guest room and a wonderful octagonal wooden table that accommodates the four couples and a stunning pine porch.

The communal area continues with the most amazing kitchen area that is equipped with everything they could need. The state-of-the-art appliances are a clear-glass refrigerator, a stainless-steel commercial-sized stove, wine racks, black granite countertops with stools.

 “It’s like a Disney movie out here… We have hares, bobcats, deer, and all kinds of birds,” said Jodi Zipp, Fred’s wife. “As we spend more and more time here, we find more and more.”

The four couples have put a lot of thought and hard work into building their future retirement haven and it is still being on worked on to make it ready for when they live there full-time.

You can see below just how far they have come with their forever perfect retirement homes.