Boob Sweat Season Is Upon Us And Amazon Have The Solution

Whether the “girls” are big or small, when the weather gets hot, we all know they have a tendency to sweat up a storm which is uncomfortable, to say the least.

Every single person with breasts knows that the summer brings hours of discomfort. But believe it or not, there may be a solution to these slippery summer woes.

The liners sit underneath your bra and soak up the sweat Credit: easylife

Racking up hundreds of gushing reviews on Amazon these awesome cotton bra liners are designed to absorb unwanted yet inevitable sweat, stopping it from trickling down your torso.

Easylife’s white cotton liners come in one size but can fit up to a size 24 and are worn under the bra to absorb sweat that builds up in the cleavage, under-boob, and around the back.

And don’t worry, as it can’t be seen through clothes so you can get away with wearing it all the time no wonder women are hailing them as a “game-changer”.

They also wrap around the back straps Credit: easylife

The liners cost $20.00, and the cotton material means they’re reusable, washable, and completely breathable.

“These are brilliant,” one happy shopper wrote. “Life has been a whole lot more comfortable these last few days in the heatwave. Such a simple idea. No more tissue tucking. Will be recommending to other big-busted females in my family.”

Another gushed: “I thought they would be too thin to be effective but this was not the case. Comfortable to wear; discreet; and they stay put. If you are buying them to make an underwired bra more comfortable and to stop sweat rash developing, they work.”

One woman even said she uses them to prevent the bra underwire from irritating her which is another common issue among women.

She said: “I got these to use under a wired lace bra because it was uncomfortable. These worked a treat, no more uncomfortable bra.”

So whether you’re at home waiting out the hot weather, or heading on out to enjoy the sunshine, you can now rest easy knowing you’ll be sweat-free.