Bridezilla Alert! Who TF Tells One Of Their Bridesmaids That Her Bald Head Due To Cancer Isn’t ‘Aesthetic’

Most women dream of their perfect wedding day with friends and family, but anyone who feels that a bridesmaid who has cancer and as a result of her life-saving treatment has started to lose her hair and in the brides, opinion is not suitable to continue to be part of the bridal party is a bridezilla and deserves to be called out which is exactly what happened, she got roasted big time.

Screenshots appear to show the conversation that followed when the upset bridesmaid replied that she would no longer attend the wedding as a bridesmaid or a guest.


The bride had messaged: “Hey girls I have something I need to run by y’all.

“So Mader didn’t have cancer when I invited her to be my bridesmaid but now, I’m having second thoughts about her being in the wedding.

“Like, she mentioned the other day that her hair has started to fall out a bit and I noticed that it was looking thinner than normal.

“I just can’t envision having all you beautiful ladies up there with me looking fabulous and then Mader with no hair.”


She added that her cancer-stricken friend’s bald head would “distract” from her and it “won’t fit with the look” she is going for.

The outspoken bride then asked the group if she should ditch her friend or make her wear a wig.

Unsurprisingly, the bridesmaid was hurt at the bride’s cruel comments, but came back with firm response – she would not be attending the wedding in any capacity.


The bridesmaid said: “It has come to my attention that you are concerned about me potentially losing my hair and how that will affect the ‘aesthetic’ of your wedding photos/vibe.

“I would just HATE for my chemotherapy treatment and the resulting side effects to negatively affect you and your wedding day so I will not be attending.”

She also added that she didn’t realize the chemotherapy small print would include her “friend” becoming an “insensitive, self-concentred and heartless douchbaggette.”


The bride replied that she didn’t mean it negatively but she had been dreaming of the day since she was a little girl.

She then suggested the pair go wig shopping and “make a day of it,” in order to hide her bald head for the wedding.

This did not go down well with the bridesmaid who replied: “Thank you for being totally fine with me wearing a wig, that’s just so gosh darn considerate of you, maybe I should get a clown wig to match your delusional ass.”


She added that perhaps instead of a shopping day, the pair walk “barefoot across an endless sea of legos.”

She continued: “I would hate to have my shiny bald, Mr.Clean head, take away from your amazing day in any way as a guest.

“Though I will miss the opportunity to chemo-vomit in your bouquet, this is my officially RSVPing – Not attending on account of you being a soggy pop tart.”

The screenshots were posted in a wedding shaming group on Facebook and people were shocked at the messages.

One internet user said: “I hope you sent this to her FH (future husband). He should know the type of person he is marrying.”

Another added: “I genuinely can’t believe people like this exist.”

This has got to be the most selfish, self-centered bitch ever!