Charcuterie board gingerbread houses are my favorite thing about this holiday season.

If your ideal Friday night dinner consists of a collage of heavenly smoked meats and flavorful cheeses paired with a bottle of wine, we have something in common. If I know anything about life it is that presentation is 90 percent of the battle. So setting up all of your favorite and fun handheld snacks on a perfect little charcuterie board is as rewarding visually as it is tasty. So you will have to understand my excitement when I hear that the newest trend for the holiday season seems to be setting up charcuterie boards to look like gingerbread houses!!  Prepare to get creative while you put together a “charcuterie chalet!”

It is a tradition in a lot of families’ houses to put together a gingerbread house for the holidays. In fact, I just picked one up with my son today. Cookie walls are great and all but I truly think that adults might appreciate the charcuterie version even more. Think cracker walls, prosciutto and salami roof, and cheese details. Just like there aren’t rules when making a charcuterie board, you can let the fun fly while putting together this meat and cheese chalet.

As this trend is becoming more and more popular it is worth noting that this isn’t a new concept. People have been making their festive little charcuterie chalets since at least 2016 at least. So luckily for you, there are some tried and true strategies to making yours as good as it can be!