Couples Who Roast One Another On A Daily Basis Are Stronger, Says Researchers

I like to pick on my man sometimes just to get a good laugh, and he does the same to me. We are our true sarcastic selves together, and I love it. Our relationship is fun, and we are happy. After all, what’s the point of being together if you can’t have fun?

Experts now say that if you and your partner regularly make fun of each other, your relationship is very likely to become strong and healthy. So maybe my relationship is really on the right track!

A study conducted at Appalachian State University showed that one of the key necessities in a healthy relationship is being able to roast one another. Your constant picking and joking at each other is actually strengthening your relationship!

Most people hold the same basic standards when in relationships. They expect trust, honesty and the ability to adapt to accept one another for who they are. Even with these standards, people often also look for things like a similar sense of humor, how a person lives, and what their goals are in life.

Every relationship and person is unique in their own way.

Experts say that when a couple can make light of their flaws and quirks, and laugh with each other about them that they show each other that they see and accept one another for who they really are.

According to, in response to the studies done on roasting each other in relationships; “You give him crap every time he puts on those busted boxers. He calls you his little lumberjack on account of your incessant snoring. And it may be the healthiest thing for your relationship,” and they couldn’t be more accurate!

If you can openly pick on your partner in a funny way about how they act and live, you tend to make big changes without realizing it. No one likes to be told harsh things about their flaws but doing it in a way where it is funny and not hurtful shows you accept your partner as they are, and that you have no desire to change them. Joking with, and even roasting your partner, means you have a solid and honest relationship. These jokes can go a long way in healing and making a change in your relationship by showing you accept your partner as they are flaws and all.

Laughter truly is the best medicine, and being humorous and sarcastic with your partner is the best way to find laughs. There should be no one in the world that you’d rather pick on and laugh with.