Dangerous Signs One of Your Friends Is A Lurking Narcissist

You may not realize it, but narcissistic people are all around us, perhaps even more than we think they are. Whether it’s a sibling, a parent or a spouse, literally anyone could be suffering from this personality disorder.

Things get complicated because there is no scientifically proven way to identify them amongst a group of people. These people are some of the most ingenious and cunning individuals you may come across your entire life. They possess the skills to perfectly blend among normal individuals and that’s why they can be even more dangerous.

Here are 6 hidden signs that you should look out for in your social circle to stay safe and protected from these people:

They are highly sensitive: Narcissistic individuals are more than welcome to critique and judge others around them, but that’s surely not the case if they come on receiving end. You can hurt their feelings with the slightest of remarks. This is because they possess an ego that is too perfect to be flawed. In their own minds, they are perfect and the ideal person. Any such criticism or a harmless joke with them can quickly make things go sour.

They lack empathy: Whether it’s the grandiose trait or just vulnerability, this sign is almost universal amongst all narcists. They lack the ability to empathize human emotions, they are unable to understand or relate to a valid humane concern. Even if someone around them is feeling lost or confused, instead of lending them some support, they will totally make the situation about themselves.

They are self-absorbed: most of the times, these people tend to be introverted and stay to themselves, but unlike most introverts, they are not good at listening to others opinions or thoughts. If you try speaking up in front of them or sharing your valid concerns with them, they will find the whole conversation as useless and a waste of time and energy. A narcissist would rather talk about himself or engage in conversations that are around them. They don’t want to hear other people out.

They have troubled relationships: Being in any kind of a relationship with them is one heck of a commitment. Even if you are unaware of their personality disorder, things do get pretty complicated as time passes. Its as if drama comes naturally to them, and most of the time they like to play the victim card in front of their potential partners in an attempt to make up for their mistakes.

They are smug: They like to think highly of themselves, and while most won’t show it up front, a little bit of dominance and bragging about their achievements here and there is enough for you to take the message clearly.

They are passive aggressive: Most of these individuals are aggressive and violent upfront, others tend to hide their capabilities. They may outwardly agree to you over a certain issue and then do the complete opposite of what was decided just to demean and torment you. At other times, they can be overly critical about your looks or life choices or insult you in a casual way only to make it up to you later on. The fun fact about these individuals is that the concept cannot be applied to everyone.

Narcissists can differ from one another on so many levels and that’s what makes them even more difficult to identify. While one could be opinionated, loud and violent, the other one could be more silent, sneaky and harmful on your back. By looking out for these signs you can identify a narcissistic individual and save yourself from the harm they might cause to you.