Dating A Woman Who Isn’t Afraid To Say What She Thinks Can Be Intimidating, But It’ll Change Your Life

A woman who doesn’t manipulate words, who doesn’t twist and turn words and is pretty much straight forward – it’s a great experience. You should be thankful if you’ve got hold of one of them because it’s going to be crazy.

Not everyone can handle her sass because most people think they’re either rude or overly opinionated, but what people fail to realize is that they’re just confident about their thoughts. They aren’t afraid to say them out loud because they’re positive about their feelings and they want to share it with the world. It’s amazing dating a girl like that because she’s funny, witty and amusing. Basically, here’s what it’s like dating her:

She doesn’t sugar-coat anything

She’ll always tell you what’s right instead of telling you what you want to hear. She’s a realist and she’ll tell you facts. She wouldn’t let you make a fool out of yourself because she knows at the end of the day, sugar coating words and lying to make you feel better won’t be in your favor. This shows how much she cares about you and how honest she is.

She is always painfully honest

Everyone wants to hear the truth – no matter how painful it is. When you know your girl doesn’t filter things out while talking then you know you’re always going to get the truth out of her. However, too much of the harsh truth can get annoying, but you need to understand that she isn’t judging you or mean any harm, she just wants the best for you.

She most likely swears a lot

When she’s too confident about herself and her thoughts it usually means she doesn’t give a crap about what people might say or think about her. She’s going to do whatever she wants no matter how many times she’s told to shut up. She’ll drop F-bombs and curse every time she feels like it because she has no filter whatsoever while speaking her mind. Her thoughts are loud and wild, and no one can tone them down. She’ll curse especially when she feels like her points aren’t getting through your head.

She’s the first person you go to for advice

When you’re in need of advice, she’ll be the first person that comes to your mind because she’ll guide you with honesty and with no bullshit added. She knows the importance of truth and she’ll always speak it.

She owns her outspoken nature

She’ll never be sorry for her outspoken personality because she knows all she’s speaking is unfiltered truth. She’ll agree when someone tells her that she has no filter, but she wouldn’t change herself for them no matter how much she’s disliked for it. She owns up to her bluntness.

She will not be offended easily

She expects honesty because she’s giving it too. She knows how to take harsh truth and other people’s opinions regarding her. There will be times when she won’t agree with you and guess what? She’ll tell you right away without any hesitation and she’ll give you reasons for that too.

She doesn’t care if people think she is un-lady-like

She won’t relate to lady-like girls as she views them as fake as they are unable to speak their truth, with her you will see a powerful woman and she will even have at times tomboy tendencies.

She expresses her opinions

I repeat, she won’t be afraid to express her opinions. She won’t think twice. She won’t hesitate. She won’t bite her tongue to stay quiet if she doesn’t agree with the other party. She will speak her thoughts out loud and let everyone else deal with her words themselves.

She’s very open

On first few dates, she’ll give you a lot of information about herself, but she’ll respect your privacy too if you’re not willing to tell her. Not everyone likes a girl that is unfiltered, but the right man will come into her life, accept her, and fall in love with her bluntness. She might not have a lot of friends because of this but she knows the people that chose to stay in her life are her true friends.