Don’t Lose Yourself While Holding On To Someone Who’s Okay With Losing You

Had someone of spoken this sense to me about 12 months back, they would have done me a huge favor, but many times we learn things only after experiencing them. Our true self gets lost when we focus too much on another person. Especially those who don’t deserve it. Those that make us feel worthless while we wait for their time; we end up crying for their attention.

In all the attempts to please someone, we forget ourselves, thinking they will leave us.

Someone leaving is the scariest thing you can think of. No one wants to be left alone. We end up doing stuff out of fear that we may lose the person we love, and we lose ourselves in the process.

Why do we do it?

What makes us seek their attention or approval when it’s clear they do not deserve us?

What is the point of trusting them despite knowing they lie?

Why does it become hard for us to believe that we are not valued by them?

If they are not afraid of losing you, they will not be afraid of hurting you.

You need to let go of the ones who make you lose yourself. They may say that they don’t want to lose you, but the truth is if they require you to beg to love them, they are not afraid to lose you. They will always hurt you.

They will never change and they play the same old games because they’re not afraid to lose you. You will get tired of their games and if you complain, they will always walk away. It’s easier for them to leave because they do not care whether you are in their life or not. And trust me if they do leave, then let them go, they did not deserve you in the first place.

Never stop smiling just because someone tried to hurt you.

Never let anyone be satisfied with seeing you upset. You matter more than that. Just because someone didn’t appreciate your smile doesn’t mean you should forget to smile. Forget the crying and get up and smile. No point in losing hope when you deserve to be happy. Nobody should tell you otherwise.

Never lose yourself for someone who doesn’t deserve you.

We all know ourselves and we do not need to ask anyone else for their opinions. No point in taking notes as to how you need to see the world. There’s no point in showing love to someone exclusively when they do not deserve or value your love. If they make you feel terrible about yourself for who you are, don’t let them. Don’t give love for no love in return.

Don’t accept their poisonous love.

What is the point of accepting a love that is fake and doesn’t even make you happy? Do not be dependent on them for your happiness. The thing is you never needed them, so stay away from their toxic love. Those who do not appreciate your presence should be out of your life. Embrace the things that are beautiful inside you.

You need to open your heart to the future.

Value yourself and forget the past. Find your passion, find your love and start over. Let go of the things that hurt you. You may have made mistakes in the past and it’s okay. We make mistakes that bring us wisdom and we learn from them. Losing yourself in process of loving someone is the most terrible thing you can do to yourself. Make yourself a priority and love yourself to the fullest. Embrace those who bring back your trust in love and help you see the beauty in it.