Each Sign Of The Zodiac Has Two Types Of Personality, It’s Not Just A Gemini Thing!

It’s not only Gemini that has two sides to them, but each sign also has two types to them. Weirdly in some cases where people are born under signs that are close to each other, you may find some of that sign creeping into their given sign and that is where clashes can occur.

You may be one of those that find their zodiac reading is way off and that is likely due to the clashes or that the reading is being given on one type of the sign when you are the other.

Confused? Yes, we were too until we discover this information.

Aries Type One:

You have a really bad temper and you will never back down from a fight. You are in main a quiet person, but when you get angry you become loud and seriously frightening. People can find you intimidating and you often don’t know why.

Aries Type Two:

People look up to you as you have a beautiful soul. You do look after yourself and this can sometimes be misunderstood for being selfish. You love being in the spotlight and are quite driven so this does give the impression you are bossy when you are really just working hard to get things done.

Taurus Type One:

You are quite a lazy person with everything in your life except work. You would much prefer curling up on the sofa with Netflix than going out with friends or family. You have a kind heart and it is because of this people find you reliable.

Taurus Type Two:

You are laid back and chilled with all things in life except your finances. You have a bad temper and when that comes out no one can take you on and you would literally destroy anyone who gets in your way. You are self-reliant and people often come to you looking for advice.

Gemini Type One:

You are two-faced and backstabbing and everyone around you knows it. You act all BFF to people and get what you can from them, then once you have that info you are off talking about that person behind their back. You are one of those that have many people around you, but they don’t really like you, they just keep you close to keep an eye on what you get up to.

Gemini Type Two:

You can be really moody and get offended easily, but you can also be a great friend (opposite to type one). You are the life and soul of the party and will do whatever it takes to make your life right for you. You can be lazy at times especially if something bores you, so instead of getting on with the chores, you can be found curled up in bed binge-watching a TV show.

Cancer Type One:

You are very protective of those that are important to you. You tend to shelter people from the truth as you don’t like seeing them upset. This shows itself by you sheltering people instead of letting them learn valuable life lessons. People can and do take advantage of you so you need to be more assertive in your life.

Cancer Type Two:

You have a sassy mouth and you’re not afraid to use it. You won’t allow other people to interfere in your life unless it suits you too. You tend to have your life pretty much figured out and are happy for those around you to tag along, but those that are critical of your life choices will soon find themselves out in the cold.

Leo Type One:

You are an obnoxious so and so and totally self-absorbed. The only thing that matters in life is yourself. You think of nothing but your own needs, your well-being is all that matters. People tend to dislike you as they feel they have to pretend to like you as you can often be found in high powered positions that leave people in fear of losing their jobs if they stand up to you.

Leo Type Two:

Yes, you do love yourself and being in the spotlight, but there are times when you put that aside to help others around you. You have a sense of humor and are willing to share your knowledge and teach people what you know. You sometimes feel insecure and this shows in a way that makes you appear arrogant.

Virgo Type One:

Your life is one long to do list as everything has to be just so, this makes you selfish and you are not really a people person, you are happiest on your own staying your lane and communicating via email. You work very hard so your career is important to you and you have no time for other employees who look to you like they are lazy.

Virgo Type Two:

You have a hidden wild side and you can be at times emotional because you tend not to be a people person you find it hard to have relationships. You sometimes even resort to hookups rather than spend time investing in a relationship that could interfere with your career.

Libra Type One:

You like to be in long-term relationships as you are not someone who is willing to have their time wasted on a quick fling. You are always honest about any mistakes you may have made and work to correct them. You have amazing communication skills that can find you talking people out of something they may regret.

Libra Type Two:

You pay attention to all the little details and nothing much gets past you. Due to your communications skills, people find it very hard to say no to you and this gives the impression to those that you a mean little bitch. You can be found picking someone up on every little detail almost to the point of pettiness.

Scorpio Type One:

You are known for being one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, for you life is all about romance and you have it down to a fine art, the problem is you tend not to stick with one person for too long, once you have that person boredom can soon set in, as for you the chase is the name of the game.

Scorpio Type Two:

You are sensual and do extremely well in relationships as long as there is the all-consuming fires of passion, if they start to burn out then it’s time to move on. You do have a great sense of humor and because of this people are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

Sagittarius Type One:

You love to travel and are up for anything that seems fun to do. You can be an emotionally detached person so you never settle in one place for long and that includes settling with people too. You want to see the world and gain as much knowledge as possible, whilst this seems great life can get very lonely for you.

Sagittarius Type Two:

You think you have hit pay dirt when you find a travelling companion, but as time goes on those people grow up and want to settle down, whereas you still want to remain as you are, free-spirited and one with the world. You can be kind and loving, but only as long as you are in that place for when it is time to move on you can be quite brutal with someone if you need to break away from them to fulfil your dreams.

Capricorn Type One:

You are so ignorant it’s breathtaking! You spend so much of your life working you don’t even know what it’s like out in the real world. You live in a cocoon; your own little world and you live by the words of ‘my life my rules’. You have a list of things you want to do and you will do them regardless of what is happening around you.

Capricorn Type Two:

You have little patience and expect things to get done on time by everyone not just yourself. You can be quick to temper when things go wrong and don’t hold back in telling someone they have failed you. You are known to present facts to back up your statement and are lethal if challenged when you know you are in the right.

Aquarius Type One:

You think for yourself and have an open mind, you are one of the worst liars there is, your facial expressions give you away. You can be quite creative and this gives people the impression that you are not living in the real world. Your odd behavior makes people think you are untrustworthy and unreliable and often this is proved right.

Aquarius Type Two:

You are very independent you detest asking other people for help of any kind and will go to any lengths to avoid this. This makes you appear unpredictable and this leads to people misunderstanding you and your actions. You never make the same mistakes twice as you learn from the past.

Pisces Type One:

You are extremely sensitive and you have a big heart, this causes you problems as you try to bring out the best in people so get hurt when others don’t treat you the same. You follow your gut instincts most of the time but even you ignore the warning signs and you allow people who treat you badly to stay around for far too long.

Pisces Type Two:

You can be guarded and you have good reason to be so. You have dreams that you wish to achieve and can often be found including others in those dreams, so when they do you wrong it leaves you hurt and confused. When this happens, you close in on yourself and shut people out even those that haven’t done anything wrong.