Fiery-throat hummingbirds are one of nature’s most stunning designs!

The beauty of nature comes in many forms. From the mightiest redwood trees to our flying feathered friends. Sometimes we have to just stop and admire the amazing craftsmanship of mother nature.

One of mother nature’s most intricate and stunning designs has to be the fiery-throated hummingbird. From a distance, you may not think they are anything that extraordinary. But getting a close up look will blow you away.

 After spending several hours in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica, Canadian nature photographer, Jess Findlay captured hundreds of photos of the fiery-throated hummingbirds from different angles. He went viral online after sharing his selection of the best photos, and like most other hummingbird species, people were amazed by the fan-like design of its feathers. 

Findlay said to This is Colossal, “Several of these hummingbirds were visiting a nectar feeder. As they fed hungrily, often quarreling with one another, occasionally one would get displaced onto a nearby branch. I waited by the branch for a couple of hours, staying very still. I used a telephoto lens with a special attachment that allowed me to focus on close subjects. What made this a challenge was how fidgety these birds can be and the fact that the full spectrum of color is only seen when they pause at a very specific angle.” [1]

 Findlay is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and shares much of his work on Instagram. He also organizes and hosts workshops for his local photography community.

 Nature’s splash of color

The Fiery-throated Hummingbird (Panterpe insignis) is a common to abundant species native to Western Panama and Costa Rica. [2] The birds are often found at elevations as high as 4600 feet (1400m) in montane forests, and this is why they are especially difficult to capture on film. 

The males and females appear similar, with a dominantly green-colored body that turns iridescent in the sun. They have a blue crown that stretches from the center of the head to the top of the pointy beak, a dark blue-black tail, a yellow-bordered dusty orange throat, a small blue chest patch, and dusky-colored feet.

The sides surrounding the blue crown are black and there’s a pure white spot behind each eye.

Like other hummingbirds, they “hum” by the intensely rapid flapping of their wings. At 10 beats per second, the naked eye cannot detect these flaps. These birds are one of the few that can fly backward. 

 These birds look like they were designed they’re so perfect. Straight out of an artist’s mind. So beautiful and intricate you can not help but admire them. Hopefully one day you can see them in person, but until then these pictures will have to hold you over.


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