Gemini – What 2020 Has In Store For You According To The Zodiac

Cash and Career

You are feathering your nest slowly but surely this year, building on the lessons of the recent past and turning former blips into positives.

Uranus is highlighting the more psychic part of your horoscope from the start of 2020 until mid-August. Tune in to your intuition and watch it become increasingly accurate the more you use it. Past life connections and coincidental meetings are also predicted to bring good fortune in June.

You may be after one particular role in October but end up taking a sideways step. This adds a string to your bow and should be enjoyable, so don’t get in a mood if things don’t go to plan, trust that the universe is on your side.

Bonuses and extra cash should be easiest to bag in May under the light of the new moon, and in November when Venus cruises through your star chart’s zone of lucky breaks.

Love and Friendship

Strut your stuff, baby! No matter who you have your heart set on, you have all the right words with which to lure them your way once Spring has sprung. You could steal even the most hardened heart mid-April, if you’re single, or persuade your partner around to your point of view if attached.

As the days get warmer and longer, you’ll be at your cheekiest. Attached or single, you can’t help but harmlessly flirt with acquaintances and fellow vacationers in August.

The Fall is the peak season for matters of the heart. You’re feeling good about yourself, know what you want and aren’t taking any prisoners!

Venus, the planet of partnerships, is heading into reverse between mid-May and late June, so hold off on any long-term decisions for your love life at that time. When it comes to passion, Jupiter, your relationship planet, brings an extra dose in June and November.

Home and Family

Home is where everyone’s heart is because it is where you are in March and September. The family, as well as friends, are flocking to you for some rest and relaxation. Being surrounded by your nearest and dearest also recharges your batteries. Just be sure to pick up the phone and call the shy ones to join in the fun, as they have something interesting to add, that you wouldn’t otherwise hear.

There could be a need to expand your home hub in August whether that means rearranging the furniture to squeeze in an extra piece or an extra person needs a place to crash for a while or longer. The more the merrier is your motto, plus waifs and strays are your speciality.

Having a house party? Plan one for October as this is when you peak in hostess mode.


The Eclipse Effect

Mark 30th November in your diary in capital or even gold letters. On this day there is a lunar eclipse in your sign. Gemini, and it is a signal to put yourself first. Be assertive, and dance to the beat of your own drum without apologising for it. Also, look where you have compromised in life as you may now want to rewrite the rules.  As you cut yourself loose from previous restrictions you emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon, colorful, energised and ready to be outstanding.

Affirmation for 2020

Use this to bring even more cash your way.

‘This is my year to turn rags to riches, I have a knack for finding bargains and a head for figures. I have the Midas touch when shopping, I get more for less and bonuses are awarded me when the boss I impress.’

Credit to Rosalie Jones