Give Your Man A Bouquet Of Clip-On ‘Beard Roses’ For Valentine’s Day

Beard ornaments appear to becoming a thing and quite popular too. Just this past Christmas and New Year showed their increase in popularity. But not to end the beard décor there, you can now purchase beard decorations for your man for Valentine’s day and Firebox are the go-to providers.

The Beard Bouquet comes in a variety of roses and colors and you will find nine in each box, that can be clipped onto the beard without causing discomfort or irritation. Why bother with a bouquet to place in a vase when your man can adorn them on his face.

The roses simply clip on so there is no painful twisting or tugging to get them into place and they look pretty damn cute and will make you man stand out from the crowd too.

They are a wonderful and unique gift for the man in your life and they retail are a reasonable price of $14.99. You can pre-order now to avoid disappointment and they go on sale from January 23rd.

Photo: Firebox

It’s a step away from all the usual traditional gifts and why should your man miss out on roses too!

A great way to show him your appreciation is for a unique gift that you can help him dress his beard for Valentine’s day and then everyone can see how much you love him, and after all who can resist a man with a beard, and then add some roses into the mix and it may prove even harder to resist.

It’s long overdue that gifts for our men on this special day step out of the same old, same old, and we now have the opportunity to make the day even more special than it already is.