Hallmark Have Announced They Will Be Airing 40 New Christmas Movies

Okay, so when I first found out about this, I thought it was a joke, after all, it was early April, was this a badly timed April fools?

Hallmark kindly reminded us on April 19 that there were only 250 days until Christmas, leaving us 249 days to shop, best get my list started right?

Okay, so not a badly timed April fool its true OMG  Hallmark Channel is showing 40 new movies for 2019!!!!

How will they fit them all in along with their much-loved regular Christmas movies?

They have solved this problem by starting their first airing in July.

Wait! What! Yes, that’s right July!

They have promised to keep to their traditional countdown to Christmas and I for one can’t wait.

Entertainment Weekly hit us with this news and I have to confess I’m way more excited than I should be. What?!? So, I’m a kid at heart.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the company will, of course, be keeping with its super-popular Countdown to Christmas tradition. This year, the countdown begins on Friday, October 25, and will launch with three features: The Christmas Song, starring Kristin Chenoweth and Scott Wolf, Holiday for Heroes, starring Melissa Claire Egan and Marc Blucas, and an untitled motion picture produced by country star Blake Shelton.

There’s no word (yet) on which other famous faces will be gracing our small screens, so it would be ideal to keep a watch on their Hallmark Facebook page for any upcoming announcements.

Now the dilemma is what snacks to have in as I’m not starting my Christmas cupboard that early, or am I????

I think I need to visit my Christmas board on Pinterest (the one with 1000’s of pictures of things I’ve never made) to see what goodies I can make in advance and shock the family into thinking I have finally lost the plot.

By the way, I have a friend who keeps her Christmas tree up all year around and just changes the decorations, she says it helps keep her happy and that can only be a good thing, maybe I should try it.

Bring on July I say and then let the annual countdown begin!