Hidden Sh*tty Characteristics You Will Find In People All Around You

Some people are just real shits to be around. You get a bad feeling in their presence and just know they are trouble and are known as life’s takers.

Truth is we all have little ways about us that people don’t like that is just how human nature is no one is flawless, but when some people show nothing but shitty characteristics you really have to watch how you react around them.

1. Foolishness

We’ve all acted a bit foolish at some point in our lives, but when people act in this way constantly it could well be, they are hiding their true intentions, masking their shitty attacks by playing the fool.

2. Unnecessary Criticism

There are far too many people in the world that just have to put their opinion across. While most of us welcome constructive criticism, it’s how we evolve. When it is said with malice acting as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth then that is where the shit behavior lays.

3. Arrogance

No one likes someone who is arrogant, this conceited behavior is the worst, they think they are better than anyone else. No one is perfect but it is no use telling them that as they won’t listen. The danger is when you deal with someone with this level of arrogance even if you advise them what they are doing can cause pain or injury they ignore you.

4. Vengeance

These people are awful, this isn’t about being right or wrong as they don’t care about that, what they want to do is seek and act upon revenge and you are their target. They get immense satisfaction seeing other people suffer and they are not above going too far to the point of illegal acts.

5. Jealousy

The horrible green-eyed monster happens more than we think. Some people covet what others have; they want to take without having to earn what others have. Whilst we work hard to achieve our dreams and goals some people just walk all over us and take what they believe should be theirs.

6. Materialism

Whilst most of us struggle and are thankful for what we have and appreciate that we earned what we own and yes, it might not be the latest or the best, it’s ours all because we worked for it. But there are people who value possessions above anything else in their lives, they have to have the best of the best and if they haven’t got the money, they have been known to steal what they want.

7. Selfishness

These type of people use everyone around them, they are only interested in what can serve their needs. They are children, brats, trapped in an adult body. They never share anything but are more than happy to take from someone else. They are well known for taking someone’s idea and presenting it as theirs so they get all the credit.

8. Laziness

We all have moments of laziness from time to time, a duvet day, binge watching a TV show, but when laziness is the normal day in day out and they rely on other people to cover for them, then avoid them, as they will never take responsibility for their life or their actions.

9. Dishonesty

These are the lowest of the low, they lie, cheat, steal and have no conscience about it. They don’t care about the damage they are causing as long as it serves their needs. Some of the stories they make up to gain sympathy can be sickening, if you find yourself around people like this remove yourself or if it is a work colleague put up boundaries and work as little as possible with them.

10. Entitlement

I think we have all had the displeasure of running into that person who believes they are entitled to whatever they want, the world owes them, they are quite poisonous people, and they love to gossip and lie to get their desired end result. In a way, they actually radiate evil vibes and they think nothing of discrediting someone.

No one deserves to be on the end of shitty behavior, get your boundaries up and people watch for a while, you’ll be amazed at what shows up once you open your eyes and mind to your surroundings.