How To Communicate With Someone With NPD – Narcissistic Personality Disorder In The Working Environment.

In an ideal world when you discover someone has NPD, you would disassociate yourself at the first opportunity, sadly this isn’t always possible, an example being a work environment, there are some actions you can take that should help you with any future interactions you have with them.

Those who have NPD are predators. They find your weaknesses and they latch onto them and before you realize what is going on you’ve been sucked into their crazy world.

The Narcissist must never detect your emotional state one way or the other.

A Narcissist will look hard at your emotional state, it’s their way into your psyche. Once in they have control over you.  After all the easiest way to control a person is control their emotional state. Don’t let a Narcissist know the impact they have had on you, even if you are breaking apart inside.

Use humor to detour the behavior.

As Narcissists are so devious, they ironically have an amazing sense of humor and wit.  You can almost disarm them by keeping them entertained as whilst they are entertained, they have no time to think of things to say or do to hurt you.

Make it clear that their feelings are not your feelings. 

Be clear in what you think and say so clearly and calmly. We’ve all been in that business meeting where someone tries to take over and force their views on everyone at the table. Don’t be afraid to be the one voice, as your one voice will encourage others to speak up too.

Don’t be naïve.

Never trust a Narcissist in any environment, but never more so than at work. You need to keep in mind that they have more than likely got the ear of the boss already as they target from the top down.  Keep records of what you do, back up all your work, as things can suddenly disappear. Change your password on a regular basis, keep alert.

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

There is no right way to communicate with NPD people, all you can do is keep your guard up, your evidence strong and if it all becomes too much find yourself another job.

Your mental health is not worth risking over a job unless it’s your dream job, then sadly you have to make an honest decision with yourself which you want more the job or your sanity.

Oddly though more often than not if you stand your ground in a work environment, they tend to back away…