How To Make Them Interested In You From The First Date According To Their Zodiac Sign

First dates can be exciting but they are also awkward and stressful, you have no idea how the date is going to go or what to expect.

You worry are they really going to like you, will there be awkward silences and sometimes you get so worked up before the date it is exactly that which causes the date to be a disaster.

According to the zodiac knowing their sign can help you work out how to be on that all important first date.


If you want your date to go well, don’t even think of having a typical first date. Think outside the box and when planning a first date suggest some things you could do, be the person who stands out above all the other first dates they have been on.


They don’t like pushy people, that doesn’t mean you let them walk all over you though. Respect their boundaries especially when it comes to physical contact as that can be off-putting, keep the date light and relaxed.


They love to laugh so having a great sense of humor is key to whether this relationship will go anywhere. They love witty intelligent conversation and for goodness sake avoid any cheesy jokes they hate them big time.


They love romance and empathy, this doesn’t mean a full-blown romantic dinner which you would often see as a prelim to a marriage proposal, but they want to enjoy seeing your romantic side. Be sensitive to this side of them and you won’t go wrong.


They have huge egos that much is well known! That doesn’t mean you kiss their ass all night long. Listen to what they have to say, but make sure you get time to talk too, find common ground and build on that. They are looking at whether you are a good fit so the common ground will show them that.


They are people watchers and a first date is no exception. They will be watching how you interact with people around you, and if they see you being rude to a waiter then you’ve blown it as respect of other people is a major factor for them, also don’t be late they will see that as disrespectful.


Don’t leave all the decision making to Libra it makes them feel under too much pressure, by all means, make some suggestions for the date location rather than leaving it up to them. They can change their mind at the last moment too, this isn’t anything you’ve done they are just having too much anxiety, assure them you understand.


They love being teased and someone who flirts but be careful not to cross the line as if it looks like you are offering yourself up on a plate, they will lose all interest in you. They love being with someone who looks good and smells amazing and has a sharp mind too.


Not ones for mundane small talk so avoid this at all costs. They are not afraid of deep meaningful conversations they, in fact, enjoy it. They like to explore their dates mind and what they think on certain subjects, it’s how they work out if you are even compatible with them.


They like someone with standards but not someone who is demanding and picky as they find that a turn off. If they think you’re going to be too high maintenance then you won’t get past the first date, sometimes they have been known to bring a date to an end quite abruptly.


Another sign who is more about a person’s mind, they love intelligent conversation and even better if you’re able to hold your own on a wide range of subjects. Your wide knowledge will impress them and will make it clear that a relationship with you will be just what they are looking for.


They don’t like superficial people even though this is actually one of their personality traits. Encourage them to show you the real them and not the show they put on and they will feel more confident spending time with you, a great way to get to see the real them is to ask them about their hopes and dreams as they always have plenty of those.