How To Rid Your Home Of Negative Energy

People for centuries have been cleansing their homes. We bring negatives energies into our homes whether we mean to or not.

There are many ways to cleanse your home of negative energies whether it just be one or a combination of all six that I have listed below.

6 Ways To Cleanse Your Home:

  1. Smudge your spaces.

There are many variations of smudge sticks that are available to buy, or you can make your own. You can find how to make your own here. Open all your windows and doors as you smudge, this will rid your home of any unwanted energies you should feel the home lighten around you.

  1. Set out some of your favorite crystals.

Crystals are a perfect tool for keeping your home free of negative energy. Choose from the wide variety available and place them around your home, not only do they work in tune with smudging they are wonderful for decoration too. Black obsidian is really good for absorbing negative energy.

  1. Take a bath with cleansing salts.

It is not only our homes that absorb negative energy we can too. Take a bath using sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. As you soak in the bath you will feel the heaviness lift from you and the cleansing salts are good for your skin.

  1. Declutter as best you can.

If your home is cluttered it leaves you feeling heavy and stressed out. Collect some boxes and start decluttering your home room by room, you will feel better for it. Donate what you can to charity and once your home is organized you will feel better in your mind and soul.

  1. Turn to the healing power of salt.

Just as salt is cleansing for you in a bath, small dishes of salt in the corners of each room works well for absorbing negative energy. Once the salt has hardened, dispose of the salt, wash the dishes and refill.

  1. Ring a bell in each doorway.

This may sound odd but ringing a bell in the doorways is believed to remove any stagnant energy from your home. It is similar to the age odd tradition of opening the front and back door as you ring in the new year, except this way you are doing it on a regular basis.