How You Deal With A Narcissist According To Your Zodiac Sign

Narcissists are evil people and how you deal with them is key for your mental well-being.


As you are not the type to give up on a relationship, narcissists find you ideal to pull into their web of lies and deceit. You will allow them to make up excuses and whilst you know deep down you should leave, you stay and forgive them. The relationship only ends when the narcissist says so as giving up on them is not in your nature.


You are not one to put up with mind games and you can spot a liar from a mile away. You are stubborn and this is what draws you into an argument and the narcissist knows this, what they fail to notice is that your stubbornness shows itself in different ways and when it suits you too you stay silent and refuse to be drawn into any drama, this sends the narcissist mad as they want a reaction from you.


You are easy to manipulate so that makes you a perfect target for the narcissist. Once they have used you up, they walk away without a second look which leaves you angry and confused and perhaps hating yourself. Get your sassy ass on girl and tell them to do one and move on with your life as they are not worth your tears or your time.


Your problem is you are emotional and want to fix everyone’s problems, for you fixing a narcissist is a project and you want to help them change for the better. Narcissists will never change because they don’t want to, so stop trying and think of yourself and your own emotional needs.


Just like Aries you don’t like to admit a relationship isn’t working, so you stay in a draining dead-end relationship. You suffer in silence and allow the narcissist to walk all over you and take whatever they need from you. It ends in tears and you wonder if this pain will ever go away.


The narcissist may have pulled one over on you at first, but they never get a second chance. You thrive in order in your life and you have no time for someone who causes chaos wherever they go. Once they are on your radar, they soon find themselves out in the cold and you just get on with your life as if they had never existed.


Just like Cancer, you are emotional and narcissists just love an emotional person as they feed off you. They love your compassionate nature and your willingness to listen and do all you can to help, so they feed you lie after lie until they have sucked you dry. They play on your emotions and gaslight you constantly as they know the thought that you might be going mad will keep you under their control.


You like to fix things and that includes people. You never take no for an answer and think that your passion for life and your willingness to help people solve their problems will fix everything. Life isn’t like that and fixing a narcissist will never happen. This need to fix and failing in your eyes will play heavily on your mental well-being.


You see a narcissist for what they are, and you try to make them see themselves as they truly are, this will never happen as a narcissist can only project truth, they can’t admit the truth. Whilst you are busy trying to get them to see themselves, they are playing mind games with you and loving every moment of it. Once you see what is going on you will want revenge, it’s better just to walk away.


You don’t like confrontation, as a rule, you plan your life and work towards your goals. When a narcissist enters your life and messes with your goals you make it clear that they are not welcome. Should they become aggressive you keep your tone even but clear that their time is up and you have your life to live that doesn’t include them.


You take everything personally and finding yourself involved with a narcissist is the thing of nightmares for you. You struggle with all they do and you worry about what they will do next. You find your self-worth disappearing and when they leave you to wonder if you will ever get your life back on track, you need to look after yourself and get rid of the narcissist before you disappear.


You constantly give people second chances and it is no different when dealing with a narcissist. You keep forgiving them and letting them take advantage of you and you believe them when they say it won’t happen again. It will happen again and you need to accept they are manipulating you and you need to get rid of them fast.