How You Ruin Your Own Relationships Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are a lot of traits about ourselves that can be found reading our zodiac signs and perhaps you may even find out why some of your relationships failed.

Becoming aware is the first step to making real changes.


You can be a selfish person who craves attention and you struggle to admit that even to yourself. You think of your own needs before any partners which leave them feeling unwanted. You also throw yourself into things that serve a purpose for you without thinking about your partner’s needs.


You are stubborn and feel you are never wrong that leaves your partner feeling they have no choice but to agree with you on everything especially to have a quiet life. You are a jealous person too and can become aggressive which never works for any relationship and your constant fighting leaves your partner exhausted.


As a Gemini, you are all over the place which can be confusing for any partner. You love material possessions rather than the person and you to have the thoughts of what can they give to me rather than building something solid with good foundations.


As a Cancer, you’re jealous and suspicious of people around you. You are not the easiest person to be around and communication is hard work. You can be negative in general and you look at life as hard work when it’s you, yourself making it hard if you relaxed more your relationship might stand a chance.


As a Leo, your arrogance plays a big part of what goes wrong in your relationships. You believe you are better than other people and you’re confident that people adore you when the reality is they think you’re a bit of an asshole who thinks far too highly of themselves.


As a Virgo, you are judgmental even if you don’t think you are. Everything comes across as a criticism and whilst you think you are helping someone to better themselves you are making them feel worthless. People get tired of you fast as no one likes to be made to feel worthless by anyone let alone their partner.


As a Libra, you are a closed book, you do this to protect yourself, but what you fail to see is that your behavior comes across as someone who has secrets, something to hide that leaves people feeling nervous about you. You also have a manipulative side that makes relationships even harder.


As a Scorpio, you are extremely possessive. No one likes to be made to feel like a possession rather than someone to be loved and cherished. Your possessive nature leads to arguments that erode the relationship away until you are left standing in the debris of lost hopes and dreams.


As a Sagittarius, you lack patience and you are careless with your words and actions. You fail to notice what those around you need, it is all about what you need, if a situation doesn’t work for you, rather than discussing this with your partner you cut your losses and move on.


As a Capricorn, you are far too serious and you have no idea how to forgive someone for even the smallest of mistakes. You need to wake up and see that no one is perfect so just cut them some slack before you find yourself being avoided in any relationship.


As an Aquarius, you can be quite inconsistent and that means those around you end up picking up the pieces for you in work and your private life. You forget that people have their own needs and to keep feeding you what you want leaves very little time for themselves.


As a Pisces, you can be lazy and moody, when the mood hits you take your frustrations out on your partner regardless of the consequences. You hit out at those that love you the most and then wonder why the relationship went so very wrong. You don’t think you’re in the wrong and are quick to say fuck it and move on.