I Refuse To Give People Power Over Me, I No Longer Get Mad, I Get Distant

I used to allow people’s actions against me to upset and hurt me, but now I don’t.

I no longer allow that person to have power over my emotions as my well-being is the most important thing to me.

Instead of becoming upset or angry, I now distance myself from the culprit. By them seeing that they no longer how the power to cause me pain they get the clear message that I am in control of my life not them.

Cutting someone out of your life regardless of who they may be such as a so-called friend or a family member is not easy but it’s in their actions that it shows to you they have no part to play in your life.

No one regardless of who they are has the right to pick apart your life, criticize you, or have an opinion and dictate how you should live your life.

There are situations where you can’t completely remove them such as a work colleague, you can make yourself distant and keep all contact on a professional level, setting clear boundaries and limiting any conversations to only concerning the work environment.

As you become distant to those that cause you harm, they may make a point of trying to push their way back in, as you have taken their power away, keep pushing back, making it clear you have no room for them and they need to look at themselves as the person that is at fault, not you.

When someone treats you kindly, you find you thrive in that relationship, there is respect for both sides and you will not find yourself living a stressful environment. When the opposite occurs you find yourself constantly living with stress and waiting for the next time, they abuse you, as make no mistake what they are doing is abuse.

Removing toxic people from our life is one of the most powerful actions we can take. I bet as you’re reading this you are already thinking of some people in your circle who hurt you and make it appear as if you’re being too sensitive.

There is no such thing as being ‘too sensitive’ if it hurts you, it’s real!

The connections we make with people throughout our life is what causes us to grow or be held back.

Choose to have people in your life who help you grow and celebrate your success and not those that in truth are jealous of you and want to hold you back and have control over you.

Don’t get mad.

Don’t get even.

Get distant and thrive as you are meant to do.