I Will Unfriend A Draining Person Real Quick And Never Look Back

As we grow in our life there are some people that you begin to notice are having a negative impact and are draining to spend even a small amount of time with. We have this inbuilt loyalty to keep them around, but there does come a point when you have to ask yourself are these people holding you back.

Since when is it okay to keep in touch with someone who creates drama and bullshit wherever they go, we wouldn’t put up with this from those that are not part of our inner circle, so its time to clean house and you find you feel so much better for it.

Jealous People Are Not Good For You

There is nothing worse than a jealous person, who puts someone down for their achievements, they are the ones that fail to celebrate your successes but are quick to throw a put down into conversations leaving you feeling deflated.

You will find that they have to have an opinion on everything you do, they are far more interested in your business than taking care of their own, don’t let them drag you down, keep your eye on your goals and leave them behind.

Anyone Who Gossips

There is nothing worse than someone who talks about another person yet is all sweetness and light to that person’s face, and as the saying goes, ‘if they talk about someone to you, you can be assured they talk about you when your back is turned.’

Those that talk about others can be found to have far too high opinions of themselves and think that what they say matters more than anything. You don’t need someone in your circle who has nothing better to do than gossip.

The People Who Couldn’t Stop Complaining To Save Their Lives

Those that constantly complain are annoying, we have choices in life and we can either do something about what isn’t right in our life, or we can stay stuck, complainers are those that are stuck in a rut.

Life is a struggle, no one said it was going to be easy and yes, of course, we all complain at times that’s normal to sound off to friends, the issue is when someone does nothing but complain. These people are best to avoid as whilst you are growing, they are staying stagnant.

The Person That Refuses Responsibility And Blames Anyone Else

There is nothing worse than someone who isn’t adult enough to take responsibility for their own mistakes and to try and avoid accountability they blame someone else. This person plays havoc in your life and could even be found blaming you for something you haven’t done.

They often do this if you call them out on something and tell them they need to face the consequences of their actions. They are delusional people that often live in a fantasy world when the reality isn’t what they want to face.

The Manipulator

These are the worst people of all. They will do whatever it takes to get you to do what they want. Lie, cheat, bully, misdirect and enjoy doing it. If they can get people around you to join in all the better. They set traps for you to fall into and then make fun of you and isolate you from the people you should be freely spending time with.

They are narcissistic people who have this delusional vision of themselves and they hate seeing people grow and move on with their life. If you have this type of person in your life, they are hard to get rid of, but you can deal with them by ceasing all communication and refuse to be drawn into any contact with them.

Don’t let this drain on your energy take over your life, do what is right for you, and you will find life drama free and you will be far happier for it.