If You Are Looking To Make Your The Bedroom Business Sizzle, Then Try These Positions According To Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has their favorite position but how about spicing things up and trying something different.

Here are the best positions according to zodiac signs, have fun trying them out.

Aries = Girl on top

Passionate and driven and loves to be in control so climbing on top is always a favorite position.

Taurus = The Butterfly

They are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, they are intense people so deep penetrative positions are always a favorite for them.

Gemini = The Wheelbarrow

Up for anything and very flexible, they love a challenge in and out of the bedroom, so the wheelbarrow is a challenge they won’t be able to resist.

Cancer = The Shard

They crave intimacy and need a strong emotional connection. The Shard penetrates the deepest of all positions so is their favorite go-to and it’s guaranteed to hit the G-spot.

Leo = The Camel

A Leo loves having their ass touch during sex, the doggy is old news, go for the Camel and she will go crazy for more.

Virgo = The Anvil

They may be modest outside the bedroom, but inside a whole new beast emerges. They love hard, deep thrusts and this position delivers that every time.

Libra = Lap Dancing Queen

They love to show off and they are also ruled by Venus, they love to tease their man and get him so worked up which they find a turn on too. Let her tease you then give her what she wants.

Scorpio = The reverse cowgirl

One of the most sexual signs, they are also secretive, so they can call the shots and you can’t see what their face is doing but you will sure feel that she is happy with this position.

Sagittarius = The Stand And Deliver

They love adventure and outdoor sex works well for them, the stand and deliver spices things up and the danger of being caught just adds to their pleasure.

Capricorn = The 69er

They are an earth sign, they like things equal so this tends to be one of their favorite positions, mutual pleasure at the same time.

Aquarius = The Move’n’Shake

They like to experiment and enjoy something that isn’t mundane and mainstream. A little assistance from the spin cycle on the washer will give you both satisfaction and is fun to boot.

Pisces = The X-Factor

They love to spend all day in bed with their partner, and they add toys into the mix. They love to use a vibrator whilst their partner is thrusting inside them, fun time for all it seems.