If You Have True Friends You Have Everything

Good friends are lifelines in our lives. I strongly believe that if you have no friends, then you have no life. True friends bring color to our lives, and when you have even just one good friend, you always have someone to lean on, in good times and in bad.

Good friends are the first ones that come to mind when you are happy or stuck and in need. If you are lucky enough to have good friends in your life, you are truly blessed because a good friend will go to any extent for you and your friendship.

A good friend is always there for you.

When you are in a bad situation and can’t find out any way out, the first person who would be right beside you to help you is your best friend. A friend gives you a shoulder to cry on, gives you moments of joy and shares your every emotion like no one else can.

A good friend makes you laugh when you can’t smile.

When you have good friends, you don’t have to face anything in life alone. You may have situations in life when you are emotionally broken. A break-up, loss of a loved one, rejection and much more. When bad things happen, and you feel like you won’t be able to smile and live the life you once lived, a good friend is the one who makes you laugh and giggle and helps you overcome trauma.

You live your life to the fullest when you have good friends with you.

A good friend loves you like a family.

A good friend is like a family. They may not have blood relation with you, but your friendship is a bond that needs no name and it is often times stronger than any DNA can make it.

Sometimes, not even your family is aware of the situations you face, but your friends know, and they are your rock. They are truly loyal to you and love you and help you through everything that life throws at you. You never have to hesitate to share your heart with a real friend. You can share the stuff that you can’t share with anyone else with your best friends. Good friends never feel hesitant to share their belongings with you. Good friends are the biggest blessing in life.

A good friend fights for you and protects you.

Not all the friends would take a stand for you, but a true and loyal friend will stand by your side to fight for you or to be with you. It doesn’t matter to them that you are present or not, they will fight for you if anyone tries to plot anything against you.

A good friend never cheats you and remains loyal to you no matter you to no end. When you have a good friend, they will protect you like a shadow and fight for you against anyone who tries to harm you. A good friend will always keep your secrets and love you unconditionally.

A good friend is the best company.

A good friend is the best company to enjoy. A good friend is a soul mate and you can communicate with them without even saying a single word. A good friend knows all your likes and dislikes. No one can understand your mind and soul better than a best friend.

It’s the best company with whom you go wild, laugh, feel alive and be who you actually are. You never have to pretend or to show off. You feel very lively and they are the best company to hang out with. Your joy doubles when you are with your true friends. The food becomes tastier and the environment lights up when your best friend is with you.

Nothing in this world can beat true friendship.