If You Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy It Could Be Down To Their Zodiac Sign

We often find ourselves falling for the same type of guy over and over again and heartbreak often follows. If we stop and look back, we see that these guys have different looks but the same personality traits and that is why they are doomed to fall.


They can be commitment-phobes and that is where we find ourselves wondering why yet again, we have fallen for someone who can’t even commit something. They can lead us on for years without ever showing signs of the commitment of taking the relationship to the next level. They are good at making promises but rarely follow through.


These guys tend to go ghost when the relationship has run its course. You are left hanging wondering what went wrong and why the hell they weren’t man enough to give you closure. You end up blaming yourself which isn’t right, find yourself a man who will at least be honest with you if he sees the relationship as having run its course.


They can be demanding assholes wanting all you can give them especially attention wise, but rarely if ever giving you equal attention back. They make at times unreasonable demands of you and you could well find yourself exhausted from being involved with them. You give all the love you have to them, but they lack the decency to return what you freely give.


These guys tend to be way too good to be true. They build this wonderful illusion for you that life will be perfect in every way for you both, yet he often fails to deliver. Should you question his commitment and promises that he has failed to keep, he can turn very nasty indeed which will lead to heartbreak for you.


They are the ones who fill your head with compliments that feeds your huge ego. The truth is they are just working their way into your life and your pants and once they have got from you what they need, they move onto the next one without so much as a backward glance.


This guy is another commitment-phobe. They refuse to allow themselves to be labeled as in a relationship with you unless it serves a purpose. They have real problems acting like an adult which is strangely at odds with how they see other aspects of their life as they are after all very analytical.


This guy will never put you first, you will undoubtedly come last even after his family. All his time and energy will be put into what he wants and he will rarely be willing to state publicly that you two are an item, thus lacking the commitment you are looking for. He is great at making promises, yet if pushed to keep them he may well dump you rather than keeping them.


This guy is a jealous beast, you will be regarded as his property without the actual commitment. He will have no problems cheating on you, but should you say you want to move on due to his infidelity he won’t let you go easily. One to very wary of as you will find yourself living in a toxic environment which will be hard to escape from.


They have to be in control of everything and that includes you! They are great manipulators and will do whatever it takes to get what they want, which makes them dangerous to be involved with. If you value your freedom it is best to avoid this type of man in the future no matter what your heart says, listen to your head as it makes sense.


They can be compulsive liars and you will end up never knowing where you stand with them or what they say is true. A life a doubt is no life at all. They lie for lying sake even the small stuff out of their mouths will be a lie as they can’t help themselves. Nothing but misery will be what you get if you are involved with this kind of man.


They are not only jealous but obsessively so. If you value your freedom and your mind, being involved with this man will strip all that way until you lose your identity. There will be times of friction and fights that will leave you drained and giving in to them just for a quiet life, so certainly not a relationship, but ownership.


He is a right mama’s boy and very immature to boot. You need an equal partner, not a child to raise, he will never grow up and you could very well find his mother interfering in your relationship with him, so you won’t be getting a boyfriend/future husband you’ll be inheriting another mother and a brat.