If You Keep Getting Accused Of Being A Terrible Girlfriend, It Could Be Down To Your Zodiac Sign

If you find yourself in the position of going from relationship to relationship it could be that so of your characteristics make you a shitty girlfriend, perhaps even the girlfriend from hell, but it could be down to your zodiac sign why you behave this way.


You are well known as a decision-maker and sometimes you make decisions without even consulting your partner which doesn’t go down well. No man wants to be told how the relationship is going to be. There is nothing wrong with being independent but you need to remember that a relationship is made up of two people if you can get that into your head you might find yourself not getting dumped.


You have high expectations and you set impossible standards that the poor guy hasn’t got a hope in hell of meeting. It also doesn’t help that you are stubborn about it which is typical of Taurus. You are very vocal when he disappoints you, step back and think how he might be feeling and maybe your relationships will last past the honeymoon period.


It is always your friends first and your boyfriend second and no man is going to like being in second place to your friends. You are a social butterfly and full of life and energy which is no doubt what attracted him to you in the first place, he just didn’t expect to be an afterthought. He will soon get tired of you and your BFF constantly spending time together and when you are apart from each other you’re on the phone. Give the poor guy some attention or you’ll find yourself single again.


Miss Clingy and oh so needy, you expect your boyfriend to give you attention 24/7 and that just isn’t possible. Stop sending him numerous texts especially when he is at work, or the poor guy will find him hitting the unemployment line. He can’t just stop his entire life for you, and no matter how much he tries it will never be enough for you, so you need to quit your behavior or single town is where you will find yourself.


You never like to take responsibility for your actions, you play the victim even when you are the one in the wrong. Every situation you turn the tables and it isn’t a nice characteristic. He will respect you if you own up to your mistakes and not act as if butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. Time to grow up Leo or he won’t stay around for long.


You are a perfectionist and that makes you a real pain in the ass of a girlfriend. You pick up on the slightest thing wrong and make a huge drama out of it. You turn nagging into fine art and let’s be honest no man is going to put up with that for too long. Be careful with your words or you could find yourself nagging your way out of having a boyfriend.


You hold your thoughts in, at times you come across as unfeeling and cold, which isn’t true, but you believe you are being a diplomat instead of saying what you think and feel.  The poor guy is not a mind reader so how is he supposed to know what you want from the relationship. It isn’t until he calls time that you find yourself wishing you had just spoken up, be brave and speak your mind.


You never forget anything, not even the smallest detail and you have a nasty habit of bringing up your man’s shortcomings every time you fight. No man wants to be reminded constantly what he does wrong, so quit holding grudges it is a waste of time and energy. Rubbing salt in his wounds will just result in him saying enough and leaving you alone, again.


You are a free spirit and not every man can handle that about you. You at times view the relationship as not a ‘real relationship’ and being a bit naughty may hook up with other men which is recipe for disaster. At times your mindset is that it’s your life, your freedom and you cheat just to prove he has no control over you. That will be you hitting the single zone fast if you behave like this.


You are quite frankly a judgemental asshole! You have no idea how to be supportive of your man in his time of need, but you are practically an expert in lecturing the poor guy. He needs a shoulder to cry on, not you making him feel like he is 5 years old getting told off by his Momma. Be there for him and support him or you will lose him as no one wants a woman who can’t even understand him when he needs support.


You are the queen of boundaries. There is absolutely nothing wrong with boundaries but you are cold and unfeeling with it. No matter how hard he tries to get close to you he finds walls made of ice, there are moments when you warm up to him but they are on your terms and then the walls go back up. That is a hard situation for any guy to endure.


You have high standards, unrealistically so, which is challenging for your partner. You want them to be romantic all the time and you view life through dreamy eyes like some kind of chick flick movie. Sorry, sweetheart real life isn’t like that. Bring yourself back down to earth and reality before he gives up and moves on.