If Your Girlfriend Is Being A B*tch To You, It Could Be Down To Her Zodiac Sign

Everyone has their own view on why they behave the way they do.

Some do believe their behavior is driven by the zodiac others not so much.

If your girlfriend is being a real bitch the zodiac may be able to explain why to you.

1. Aries

A woman born under the sign of Aries is extremely dominant in nature. She is a team leader without even being asked.

She is not a team player, she is very much an independent person and works best alone.

She is arrogant, impulsive, competitive and above all bitchy in what she says and does.

Don’t waste your time giving an opinion to her as she will just ignore it.

2. Taurus

A woman born under the sign of Taurus is afraid of change.

What she says goes!

Don’t waste your time saying to her try something new as she will just block your opinion from her mind.

She will be a perfectionist about everything, and she is always right. God forbid you should try and get her to change her view and you can expect a verbal bitch attack if you try.

3. Gemini

A woman born under the sign of Gemini is a challenge, to say the least.

You are dealing with two people in one body and both will fight for what they want regardless of the consequences.

If you are brave enough to fight with her you will find yourself out in the cold, she will ignore you for days, perhaps even weeks if she views what you have said as an insult to her.

She is the biggest bitch of the zodiac and takes shit from no-one.

4. Cancer

A woman born under the sign of Cancer can be emotionally unstable.

If you fight with her, she will cry and then suddenly unexpectedly hug you, don’t be fooled this is a ploy to unarm you.

She will only act bitchy if she feels you deserve and not just because she can.

If you see her in bitch mode, better run as all kinds of hell is coming your way.

5. Leo

A woman born under the sign of Leo will be a bitch 24/7.

She won’t care if you are her friend or her partner.

She has a huge ego yet is insecure at the same time which is why she acts out so much.

Be careful what you say to her as even if you are making a compliment if she feels threatened by you then all you will get is a bitch in action.

6. Virgo

A woman born under the sign of Virgo is a perfectionist.

She will be the one who will correct your behavior thinking she is helping you to improve yourself, unfortunately, it comes across in a bitchy way.

If you are shit at spelling, she will be the one to point it out and not always kindly and should you make a mistake on your Facebook post she’ll be the commenter that makes fun of it.

She never forgives a betrayal so if you’ve made that mistake, she will make you pay for it.

7. Libra

A woman born under the sign of Libra has to have balance in her life.

She is the adult of the zodiac yet can be a child at the same time.

She deals with things in her own way and is not open to your opinion should you give it.

She tends not to raise her voice, but oh boy can she dish out the bitchy words without a moments thought for the impact she has.

8. Scorpio

A woman born under the sign of Scorpio is the crazy bitch of the zodiac.

She is selfish and gives zero fucks for your feelings.

Her ego is her priority, and everyone and everything else doesn’t matter.

It’s a brave man who takes her on and if she is in a mood for a fight best you wear some armor as she fights mean when pushed to do so.

9. Sagittarius

A woman born under the sign of Sagittarius is always hungry for life’s adventures.

She detests being told what to do by anyone be that her partner or her boss.

She is a great friend and lover and will be fun to be around, but the second someone upsets her then it’s all bets are off.

She can and will be brutal if she feels slighted in any way.

10. Capricorn

A woman born under the sign of Capricorn is extremely loyal.

She is an ideal partner to have in your life.

She has a positive attitude and she can see through liars and cheats.

Upset her and you will find out just how cold she can be to you and her words will blow your mind and leave you under no illusion you have messed up.

11. Aquarius

A woman born under the sign of Aquarius is very critical of others.

She will make sure you know her thoughts on you whether you want to know them or not!

Nothing will ever be good enough for her, she will certainly be a challenge to have a friendship with let alone a relationship.

Once you’ve upset her it’s a done deal, take the quickest exit as she will be relentless in her bitch attack.

12. Pisces

A woman born under the sign of Pisces tends not to live in the real world.

They would rather have a wonderful pink and fluffy world to live in.

It is very rare that they behave in a bitchy manner as they view it as rude.

Don’t mistake this as them being easy to walk over as they will when pushed defend themselves and you may not like what you hear.