If Your Pee Changes Color It’s Your Body Warning You That There Could Be A Health Issue

Your pee can tell you a lot about your health, but how often do you check on the color of your pee? We just pee and flush, then get on with our day.

Healthy pee should be a pale straw in color as that shows you are well hydrated and healthy.

If your pee is dark yellow and smells strongly it shows you that you are dehydrated.

Your pee can even give an indication of more serious conditions such as pancreatic cancer.

Below you will find what each color of your pee means and whether you should be seeking advice from your doctor.

Pale straw

This is a healthy color, it shows that you are drinking plenty of water and that your kidneys are functioning well. The golden color is caused by the pigment in your body that makes urochrome and this is your body’s natural waste product.

Dark yellow/amber

This is an indication that you are not drinking enough and so you’re dehydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches, nausea, and fatigue and can have serious consequences especially in the very young or elderly.

The effects of dehydration can also be physical such as lethargy and lack of concentration. The recommended amount of water a person should consume every day is eight glasses. If you are drinking plenty of water but still have dark pee this could be a sign that your kidneys or liver are not functioning properly.


Green or blue pee can be very alarming! It most cases this is down to your diet, the food you may eat can contain food coloring that is flushed out by your pee, on the flip side if you eat a good healthy diet with plenty of green vegetables then your pee might be green.

In some rare circumstances, green or blue pee can be down to a genetic condition known as familial hypercalcemia which indicates high levels of calcium in your blood.

Urinary tract infections (UTI) can also make your pee change to a green color, if you experience this along with the need to pee frequently and at times have a dull ache in your pelvis then it’s time to visit your doctor.


Pretty understandable to panic if you see red in your pee, but it’s not always a sign of something serious. Just as with green pee it could be your diet causing the change in color especially if you consume a lot of red berries or beetroot as an example.

Medication can cause your pee to change color so check your medication advice sheet to see if the change of pee color is listed. UTI’s can also cause red pee and that is a sign you have blood in your pee and should speak to your doctor as soon as possible.


If you find your pee is showing up orange then you should seek medical advice as soon as possible. Whilst the change of color could be something you have eaten that may contain artificial orange coloring, there are more sinister meanings if this is not the case.

Doctors do encourage anyone to see them as orange pee could be an indication of jaundice especially if you find your skin showing a change to yellow and the whites of your eyes. Orange pee is also a symptom of early-stage pancreatic cancer. A doctor would rather you see them than leave your condition to get worse.

With more of us putting bleach blue blocks in our toilet systems to keep our toilets clean and fresh it is getting harder for us to notice any changes in our pee, maybe time to rethink how to keep our toilets fresh and clean and also monitor our health.