I’m Sorry For Acting Like A Crazy B*tch While You Were Treating Me Like Absolute Sh*t

Did I go over board today and cross the line? Did I act out a little bit too much today? Oh, I’m sorry for that. I really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I don’t know what has gotten into me over the past few days. I seem enraged to you and snap at the slightest of things? I think it probably comes down to you treating me like trash, and that’s why I had to speak up for myself. Then again I wouldn’t of even had to act our had you of been nice to me. Maybe I am the one at fault.

I had to be the one at fault because in your mind, I’m that crazy b*tch with an inflated ego and a bewildered mindset that likes to give her two cents about everything.

Remember the time you told me I had to lose a few pounds, or when you mocked me saying that I wasn’t attractive like I used to be? I was shattered but I’m sorry for snapping back at you and speaking up for myself.

Maybe I should somehow make it up to you for the time when I openly sweared at you when you were shamelessly exchanging numbers with a girl you just met at the club a few hours ago, in front of me. How foolish I was to have gotten upset over such a trivial issue. As you said, that’s what all guys do now, you were being completely harmless right? Silly me.

Remember the time when our relationship felt so suffocating to me that I broke down into tears and unleashed all my deepest insecurities and fears I had about you. I told you how I wanted to be treated in a different way. I am so sorry that I had to make you go through such pain trying to treat me well.

I like to believe that I was absolutely foolish and insanely stupid to have expected you to treat me with respect when we were together. Was I even in my right senses back then? I am sure you must have thought to yourself in the back of your mind that this woman has gone crazy and she probably needs assistance now. I am so sorry to have put you through all of this mess. I really am.

I hope you widen your heart and forgive the next girl that comes into your life. I hope you can withstand her craziness, and get over her rude behavior the when you treat her like garbage.

Because a strong woman can tolerate just about anything in love, but for infidelity and lack of respect. She will put her foot down and wont put up with the bullsh*t. She wants to be celebrated and cherished by her lover, but how could someone so wise and mature like yourself come to terms with that?

And lastly I am so sorry that you could never understand the sarcasm behind my apologies. You never have, you never will.