Love Is Accepting All Of Someone For Who They Are, Not Changing Them

Love is a mysterious sensation that we all have felt at some point in our lives. More often than not, we are at a lack of words when we begin to define its true essence. Love can hold a different meaning and value for all sorts of people. I like to believe that love is a sacred feeling, one that should be cherished, but people have started throwing around the phrase ‘I Love You’ like it is nothing; like it has loss its true meaning.

Together forever? Unconditional love? Hanging around with someone all the time until a difficult phase arrives and you decide to conveniently part ways with them? What is that even about?

It saddens me to see that in todays so called modern society, we have lost the value of real and intimate human connections.

Because today in the search for better and merrier, we have forgotten to practice gratitude in our lives. We don’t value the people that already exist in our lives. We have lost all respect for establishing concrete human connections that hokd strong forever. We only associate ourselves with someone when their presence can add some material value to our life. We have imposed certain conditions and standards for our future partner to fulfil before committing to them.

This is just wrong and absurd. Setting up an idealistic image of your life partner in your mind and then setting unrealistic expectations for them to fit into is not unconditional love. That is not even love at all to be honest. Love is kind and patient. Love is about acceptance, tolerance and above all, mutual respect and understanding.

When you fall in love with someone, you accept them wholly. You don’t just fall for their strong traits and choose to hate their weaknesses. Their imperfections make them unique and define their individuality. Their shortcomings are part of the whole package that you agreed on cherishing for the rest of your life.

When you fall in love with someone, you accept their personality, you celebrate each others differences and practice patience and kindness in the heat of arguments. You don’t fall in love hoping that you can mold this human being into a certain person that fulfils a certain criteria. That’s being selfish, not in love. Most importantly, you don’t give up on them when times are tough and the whole world is against them; you have promised them a lifetime of unconditional love. You stand by thier side no matter what.

When you care for someone, you accept the difference in opinions and that things wont always be romantic all the time, but you also realize that your love and compassion towards each other is beyond silly arguments about deciding dinner or whining about who is doing the dishes tonight. You know that you can come out of the toughest of situations if you have each other to lean on.

Unconditional love rises above attraction and sexual pleasures. It means both partners have consciously made a decision to love each other in health and in sickness. It’s about celebrating your partner for an eternity. It’s about knowing their deepest and darkest secrets and not choosing to judge them for sinning differently. It means loving them and caring about them even in a state of anger and frustration. It’s about doing the small things that make them smile. Love is about lifting each other above and motivating your partner for giving their absolute best in any given situation. It’s about finding your happiness in someone else’s.

The best kind of love is holding each others hands in the pouring rain. It means enjoying the ups and downs in life with their hand firmly enclosed in yours. It’s not about enjoying the sunshine and leaving when it’s dark and dim, it’s about withstanding the terrible storm and enjoying the rainbow in the process.