Man’s Epic Fail For Pimping Up His Bedroom To Have A Romantic Look, Which Turns Out More Like A Murder Scene

To be fair you’ve got to give this guy some credit for trying to improve the boudoir to have a romantic look for his partner.

He purchased some new bedding that had the description of red roses, so you wouldn’t be far wrong from thinking it’s an ideal purchase, especially with Valentine’s day so close, WRONG!

The bedding turned out to be the worst kind of purchase you can have; it had the look of a homicidal maniac been let out in the bedroom.

What was the designer thinking?!

The design has a rose pattern on the pillowcases but when it comes to the comforter cover all I can say is OMG!

It pretty much looks like blood splatter and add the white background into the mix and you can almost hear someone saying, “we need forensics in here”.

The guy shared his pictures of the bedroom on Twitter and said:

He said: “That awkward moment when you realize that your romantic new ‘white with rosebud’ bedding set makes your boudoir resemble a particularly gruesome crime scene…”

The post has racked up more than 3,000 likes, as people agreed the pattern looked very suspicious.

One person said: “New bedding, yeah yeah. Own up, where have you buried her?”

Another wrote: “Perfect for the guest room when you really don’t want people to stay.”

A third commented: “Looks like a scene from CSI.”

Someone else asked: “Does it come with a matching chalk body outline patterned rug?”

While this person added: “It’s the Basic Instinct Bed Set!!!”

This has also turned up on Reddit  gotta love good old Reddit and has raised comments such as:


Nothing is more pleasant than seeing your bed after a hard day’s work and seeing a murder scene.



Murder or Medieval marital bed? Gotta hang that bloody sheet out the window as proof of consummation!


r/gtbae, nothing wrong with a rose pattern bedspread, but this murder scene bedding could have been executed better


10 out of 10 for trying dude, perhaps avoid anything red and white in future.