Margaret Hubl Died Leaving A Unique And Beautiful Legacy

Eighty-nine-year-old grandma, Margaret Hubl breathed her last moments but she will always be remembered by family and friends alike for the small tokens of love she frequently gifted to let them know how much she loved them.

Hubl was a talented quilter, who pursued her passion beyond a mere hobby. She has, to date made quilts for every single member of the family to remind them that where ever they are, home is where the heart resides.

 The spectacular legacy of the head of the family, Mrs Margaret Hubl left a deep impact on the family, and that’s when members decided to portray her skills and handiwork abilities to the world at her funeral.

When the entire family stepped into the church on the occasion of her funeral on July 2018, the quilts she had made all her life were neatly draped over the pews all across the church in loving memory of their beloved grandma.

Granddaughter of the deceased, Christina stated how impressed she was when she saw her grandmother’s exquisite collection of quilts, all across the church, she had created all her life. I lost count of how many there were, to be honest, we covered the entire seating capacity the church already had, she stated.

The intricate art of sewing quilts was not the only bequest handed down to us, family members reportedly stated.

 Margaret had long since dedicated her life and attention towards the well being of her family.  Together, Margaret and Henry, her husband raised 3 beautiful children but the family was destined to grow more when a dreadful incident caused the sad demise of her sister in law leaving her twins orphaned. Hubl took the twins under her wing and gave them love and warmth and raised all five little her three plus the twins on a small farm property.

This was the time when Margaret pursued her passion of sewing quilts in an attempt to keep her children clothed at all times. Fast forward, the children matured and eventually moved out to start a life of their own and having their own children.

When the family welcomed their grandson’s and grand daughter’s into this world, she eventually started sewing quilts out of love for them as well. She gifted her grandchildren all these personalized quilts once they graduated from their respective high schools and colleges.

She always wanted us to be all cozy and bundled up when we had to be away for school, Christina reminisces.

 It was only after Margaret’s demise that family realized how much thought and love she had put into designing these quilts. Within a few days of her death, we found her notebook in which she would write down when the quilt had to be framed and the day it was finally ready, Christina stated.

As the children became more independent and advanced ahead in life, Margaret could now invest more time and energy to pursue her passion for knitting quilts. The quilts evolved from mere graduation presents to much more sentimental value, such as wedding or anniversary gifts. The proud granddaughter states that three singleton kids of the family just got to see those personalized quilts on the day of her death even before their marriages. It was indeed a moment of happiness for all of us.

Margaret’s passion for creating quilts was indeed a work of art, her creativity and her skills remain to hold sentimental value amongst family members. It was indeed a way to ensure that every time a member of the family snuggles up into those quilts, they would be reminded of the love and compassion their grandma put into weaving these quilts for them.

This is the token of love she created for each of us. This was to remind us how she touched our lives in the most compassionate of ways. She will always remain in our hearts.