McDonald’s is now selling a 3-foot chicken nugget body pillow! The hysteria is real!

Its no question that when someone thinks of fast food Mcdonalds will be one of the first, if not the very first, name to come to mind! For some people, they just can’t get enough of the food itself. For others, it is a touch of nostalgia!! Now you can take some of that love to bed with you at night and not have to worry about it all going straight to your hips!! Because if you’re a chicken nugget-lover then there’s some good news!!

Travis Scott and McDonald’s have come together to bring you not only the “Travis Scott meal” but some amazing merch to go along with it! So if you’ve been dreaming of laying your head on a three-foot chicken nugget pillow every night. Now is your time!!

McDonald’s was founded on revolutionary ideas about food and service. They are known for taking risks and thinking outside the box. Not to mention their delicious menu that has a little bit of something for everyone. Plus… the golden arches.

The happy meal has always been a staple to the menu. Bringing delight to little children with the perfect sized servings and better yet a toy! The quality of the toys has seemed to decline in recent years. Nothing like their peek in the ’90s! But they do add a hint of much-needed fun to a meal. Over the years, certain limited edition toys have turned into coveted collector’s items.

But McDonald’s has heard its customers ‘ complaints and come up with a new and riveting way to make everyone happy. While filling their pockets of course! They brought back some of the best toys from the Happy Meals of days gone by. Their loyal customers went crazy. Reiving their childhoods through Hamburgurlar toys and Furbys! But if the toys aren’t enough to bring excitement to your heart. Then their latest collab might be just the thing!

Not only are they offering the Travis Scott meal at $6 for a Quarter Pounder with cheese, medium fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite with extra ice. It doesn’t stop there. Now you can also get everything from graphic tee’s to slippers to denim pants on the store. But the best merchandise they’re selling has to be the new 3-foot chicken nugget pillow! Sadly they sold out as fast as they were loaded into inventory. But you can sign up for shop updates!! I know I did!!