Men Like Relationships A Certain Way And What They Want Could Be Down To Their Zodiac Sign

If you are not sure what your man wants from you, keep reading as this is what research has said they want from their lady according to their Zodiac sign.


Aries men love to have a strong and independent woman in their life.

They love a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and have her own opinions.

He loves a woman who will engage in kinky games in bed and allows him to be dominant.


Taurus men can be your husband and your best friend at the same time.

He is sensitive, loving and warm, but be careful if you cross the line as he can get nasty.

His ideal woman is feminine, supportive, caring and fun.


Gemini men can’t really decide what they want.

He can be in love with one woman today and totally obsessed with another one tomorrow.

Their ideal woman must have a sense of humor and be of high intelligence to keep things interesting for him.


Cancer men are a right cry-baby.

Their ideal woman will provide comfort and feed their needs 24/7.

It’s like they need a lover and a mother in one person.


Leo men are self-centred and the world must revolve around them.

Their ideal woman will make them the centre of their universe.

This will lead to many problems and Leo’s often find themselves alone.


Virgo men are your friend first long before they become your lover.

Their ideal woman must be easy going, full of life and have a sense of humor.

They want a partnership, and should you try to be more dominant than them it will turn them off you.


Libra men are people pleasers.

Their ideal woman will be those that are the same in characteristics.

They hate drama queens and high maintenance is a major turn off.


Scorpio men are demanding.

Their ideal woman is stress-free, energetic, full of fun and adventurous.

They prefer women who have no hang-ups and are open to trying anything at least once.


Sagittarius men are possessive and jealous.

Their ideal woman will be faithful as if she isn’t, he has no hesitation in getting rid of her.

He wants his woman next to him all the time almost like a trophy that he can show off.


Capricorn men are organized and hard working.

If you’re a laid-back lazy kind of woman, he won’t be interested in you.

He loves women who are career focused and competitive, if you are on your way up the ladder, he will notice you and be very interested in what your goals are.


Aquarius men are adrenalin junkies.

He loves his woman to be a challenge, the bigger the challenge the better.

If his woman is a prize bitch even better as he will know she can handle herself yet be a pussy cat for him in bed.


Pisces men are into music and arts.

If you’re into this too he will be very interested in you.

Their ideal woman has to be open-minded, affectionate and has tons of self-confidence.