Mom Lets 2-Year-Old Daughter Dye Her Hair And Wear Fake Tattoos So She Can Make Better Decisions Later In Life

With passing time, new trends are emerging. Nowadays, it’s common to see people with colored hair and tattoos on their bodies. These looks are gaining popularity and becoming a normal part of our lifestyle. In fact, it is becoming common for children to adopt the latest trends too.

One mother from California who let her toddler wear makeup, color her hair and get a temporary tattoo of her choice.

Amy Lyn who is a 25-year-old mother and a tattoo apprentice decided that she wanted her daughter to enjoy freedom. She let her two-year-old daughter, BalleMae, have a temporary tattoo and dyed hair. She has faced harsh criticism, but she had a perspective that this freedom will let her child make wise decisions in her life ahead.
Amy herself loves to experiment with her looks and that’s why she has pink hair, multiple piercings, tattoos, and stretched ears. So, her daughter finds these looks extremely normal. Therefore, she asked her mother to dye her hair just like the color of her crayons.
Amy further said that she always had a creative and exploring side.

She never wanted to give up on her experimental nature after becoming a mother.

After giving birth to her daughter that she waited for her to develop interest. After that, she introduced temporary tattoos, dyed hair and various makeup products.

Amy claims that she enjoys being an alternative parent. She has allowed her daughter to make her own decisions. She feels that there should be no rules and dictatorship in parenting. Other than that, she thinks that alternative parenting will make it easy for her daughter to attain success in her life.

She doesn’t like being a dictator to her children. Until she reaches an age where she becomes capable of making her own decisions, she not only lets her daughter physically experiment with her looks, but also lets her choose every small thing for herself.

She believes that this freedom will make her daughter strong-headed and confident enough to make her future more successful. All of these little decisions will give her the experience to make better choices for her life. She will not need to make a second guess while determining her life choice.

Amy added that all of these options let her daughter understand her interests and develop a taste. In her future, she will not be confused and waste her time trying to figure out the best choice while making her life decisions. She will pursue her dream because she will be able to recognize them earlier.

Amy’s daughter wanted to dye her hair for Halloween, and after that, she continued to bring change in her appearance by putting on temporary stickers and tattoos, just to look like her mother.

Amy wants to let her daughter enjoy the joy and freedom of expression. These little decisions will help her in relying on her own self in the future when she’s confused. Amy stated that people often criticize her and tell her that she is not raising her daughter properly, but she feels that it is the best way to raise a little girl that will become a strong woman in the future.

It seems that this alternative parenting is becoming a trend. As millennials are adopting it because they are getting influenced by it throughout their childhood. Amy feels that parents should utilize their creativity while bringing up their children.

What do you think about Amy’s approach to parenting? Would you let your children take their life decision from their early childhood?