Most To Least Seductive According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered if some people have the ability to be more seductive than others due to the sign they were born under? Then wonder no more these are the signs ranked from most to least according to their zodiac sign.


She oozes seduction it is in everything she does, from the way she walks, talks and behaves around people. She attracts people wherever she goes due to her beauty and charm, people can’t resist her. She is fully aware of her gift of seduction and she uses it to the maximum.


When she enters the room you can literally hear all the men’s heads snap as they spin in her direction and are often left with their mouths wide open, her beauty and charisma pulls them in her direction. She won’t always be obvious if she is interested in someone, she likes to leave a little mystery hanging in the air.


When she decides to seduce you there is no mercy, she goes all out to have you, she is playful and witty and loves to tease, she is testing your boundaries and whether you are a good match for her or not. She leaves you wanting more from her and if you are lucky enough to be chosen by her then life becomes very exciting indeed.


She seduces you not by being wicked or naughty but by giving you her full attention which is a turn on all of its own. She loves to see people happy and she seduces the men in her life by being loving and affectionate. She leaves her man wanting more and more time with her and that suits her just fine.


She’s a Leo and she knows her worth so she can use seduction easily at any time, men find her hard to resist and exciting to be around. She is a bit of an old-fashioned girl though so does enjoy being pursued in a way that doesn’t turn her off. Once she decides you are worth her time the only person, she seduces is you.


Virgo’s are seductive but they don’t mean to be. They are rarely noticed by men to start with as they seem cold and aloof, but in reality, they seduce you with their affection and kind words not just for you but others around you. She won’t fight for you its not in her nature so avoid mind games with her as if you do, she will be turned off by you.


Seduction runs through her veins it is in everything she says and does. She seduces men easily and often men are left shocked that she has been able to get into their minds with little effort. She uses her body language to pull men in and once hooked they find it hard to stop thinking about her. If a Libra chooses you then you are a very lucky man indeed.


As the passionate sign of the zodiac, you would have thought she would be top of the list, but as she is also a bit of a player her seduction is more a get you technique to then get bored of you. She uses her strong-willed mind and body language to pull you in and men find her hard to resist. She likes to keep her options open in case someone better comes along.


She isn’t one for seduction but seduces she does by all the positive vibes she gives off, she is always smiling, having fun and telling jokes which men find attractive. She won’t be interested in what you wear or the job you have, she just wants to see what is inside of you and she finds minds more attractive than looks.


She has little interest in the seduction game so literally doesn’t bother yet somehow this comes off as seductive to some men and she always seems to end up with the most desirable men. She is warm and loving to all but be warned once she has her sights set on a man any other woman best keep clear as she can be vicious and rip their head off when the beast in her comes out.


She plays the game of mystery and that is her seduction but this often fails miserably and puts her in a bad light. She is viewed as a game player with some narcissistic tendencies. She keeps her thoughts to herself unless she feels the urge to go all out for someone, but if he makes her chase him, she simply moves on to someone else she lacks staying power.


The only time she may be seen being seductive and only at a real push is when she really, really likes someone and they have made an effort with her. She has no inclination for seduces someone as she thinks that is all mind games and she prefers to live in her own world than be dragged into someone else’s. The only time she can be seen going all out for a man is if she sees a future with him.