Museums Across The World Challenge Each Other to Show their Creepiest Object

Museums can be pretty creepy places and one museum in Yorkshire England, recently threw out a challenge to curators all over the world to show what they considered to be creepy items in their collections.

The curators took to Twitter using the  #CreepiestObject and showed off some that perhaps we could have well done without seeing!

Someone spotted this Japanese merman from the Horniman Museum in London.

And speaking of James Wan movies, I think someone discovered the whereabouts of the real-life Annabelle.

Even more evil-looking dolls! This one is surely cursed. Just look at her! Or better yet, maybe don’t.

There is almost nothing more disturbing that a plague mask from the 17th century.

These pincushions could have a whole movie made about them.

This is an actual heart with pins and needles stuck in it to break evil spells.

Taxidermy can be pretty creepy too.