New Reality TV Show Where The End Result Is A Baby – Labor Of Love

15 Men Will Compete To Impregnate A 41-Year-Old Woman In New Reality Series ‘Labor Of Love’

Reality television has been raising eyebrows for some time now with a mixed bag of views and not always in a positive light.

Labor of Love, a new series on Fox that has done just that, raised eyebrows, some eye rolls and people are asking is it really okay to have a reality show that has the end results of a baby.

Fifteen men will compete to claim the ultimate prize: impregnating 41-year-old Kristy Katzmann.

If you feel shocked and confused you are not alone.

Sex and the City alum Kristin Davis hosts the show, and she explains that the winning man and Kristy will “skip the dating and go straight to baby-making.” Because this works out really well in the real world, right?

Or, as journalist Stuart Heritage sums it up quite nicely, “Labor of Love is a dating show where the prize is a real-life flesh-and-blood baby. The entire show exists to help one woman choose a candidate to impregnate her. It’s a mating show, not a dating show. Love, as we’re told, is optional.”

Labor of Love began on May 21, on Fox. There was much hype made of the show in the days preceding the initial episode, and for good reason.

The show is definitely unique.

Here’s what we know: Kristy is recently divorced and does very well for herself professionally. However, she’s never had children, and obviously she wants to.

The fifteen men, described by Variety as including “a couple of people who appear engaged with her and the process, and several more who vaguely want to be on TV, get free drinks, and see where the camera time takes them”, are living in a home together and will take turns courting Kristy in hopes of landing the ultimate prize: a baby.

And that’s not all: The show also includes into the loop the parents of each of the men, who make their own attempts at selling both Kristy and the audience on their sons.

Variety‘s Daniel D’Addario notes that “appearances by the competitors’ own parents explaining how good these men would be at fatherhood are more notable for the simple curiosity factor than for any sort of real imparting of information.”

Kristy explained during an interview with Fox, that she was interested in the show because she felt like her biological clock was ticking. “I had just turned 40 at the time and I had just gotten out of a relationship. I was trying to navigate dating, knowing that I still wanted to start a family and that time was definitely not on my side. I think it’s a really incredible story that a lot of women will be able to relate to.”

She also shared that she was really worried that there wouldn’t be men out there who would be into the show’s idea. “One of my biggest fears going in was wondering if there are actually men out there who are ready for this. And I think we really tested them off the bat by putting them through the whole sperm analysis pretty much moments after I met them.”

And if anyone out there is thinking it sounds amazing to date 15 men at once, Kristy says you should think again: “Also, it might sound like a total dream to date 15 incredible men at, once but it’s actually super overwhelming. I think it really requires you to stand in your own presence and really know what you want.”

But even though it was a lot of work, she still prioritized really developing relationships with each of the men. She says that sending them home was the hardest part: “I think one of the things that’s special is every time I sent a guy home; I had a real conversation with him. There’s this whole ghosting culture happening with dating right now and I think it’s because people don’t want to have these conversations because they’re hard. I had real relationships with these men.”