Not All Dad’s Are Great Influences On Their Daughter’s Lives

For a woman, her father is her pillar of support, her hero and her first love. But not all women are lucky to have great fathers in their lives. Some fathers are shitty and manipulative.

Here are the 6 typical characteristics of women who are raised by unloving fathers.

You will carry that loss for life

Not being nurtured and brought up by a loving father will always make you feel empty on the inside. That void will be hollow forever and it is impossible to fill it with someone’s else’s love and affection. A void created by the unkindness of a father remains empty forever.

You stop believing in love

A woman learns the meaning of love from her father, the first man who can love her the most. When a father is unkind and uncaring, the daughter begins to doubt the feelings of love. You will question the idea of love and intimacy, all because of your unkind father. An unkind father’s manipulation will fail to convince you that you are worthy of love. This causes you to be afraid of showing your true self out to the world because you will be scared of being judged and you will view any attempt at loving you as suspicious.

You will set boundaries  

Being raised by a shitty father will make you afraid of letting anyone know about your true self. You will set up walls around yourself and keep your emotions hidden. You will not let people steal your trust and that is the reason why you don’t trust anyone.

You do everything you can to be nothing like him

You try your best not to associate yourself with your father’s behavior. You strive to become better, and you promise not to make your children go through the same hardships as you did. Doing this, you strive to be a better parent for your children. You try to be a better version of yourself and promise not to behave with your children in the same way as your father behaved with you.

You know that life is never easy

You realize that life is not a bed of roses. From an early age, being raised by a shitty father makes you immune to the hardships that come and go in your life. You learn that life doesn’t always go the way you imagine, and you can’t get everything in life you ask for, on a silver plate.

You learn to be strong, independent and wise

Being raised by an unkind father makes you resistant to pain. You become strong and learn to do things for yourself. It makes you independent. You realize that no prince charming on a white horse will come to save you, so you learn to save yourself in every hard situation of life. You don’t ask anyone for help, because you know that you are capable of handling shit on your own.

Fathers leave an impression on their daughters’ lives. Good fathers make their world a better place, whereas, shitty fathers create a void in their daughters’ hearts forever. That’s why girls raised by unkind and unloving fathers are among the strongest women in the world.