Reminder To Every Big-Hearted Woman In The World

Your Passion For Life.

Some people will think your passion and love of life is a joke, a sign of weakness. It isn’t it’s your strength. You are a beautiful strong woman. You pour your love of life into those around you, you almost glow, in fact sometimes you do. There will always be negative jealous people around you, ignore them and get on with being you.

You Are Worthy Of Love

Finding the one takes time. You will have some ups and down and even some disasters. Your heart will break a few times. You are worthy of finding that great love of your life. Be patient the right one will come along.

Relationships Do Not Define You.

Broken hearts and relationships do not define who you are, the strength of your heart and your ability to love does. A person who mistreats your heart and takes your love for granted is not worth thinking about, once they are gone, they are gone, get back on the horse of love and ride on.

No Shame.

Never feel ashamed of how you love and how you care about people. We are only here for a short time, so love big, love loud and treasure every single moment.

Big Heart.

Having a big heart doesn’t make you a fool in love. Too often a big-hearted person is misjudged as having a fragile heart, it is, in fact, the opposite.


There is nothing wrong with the way you are. There is nothing wrong with the way you care. There is nothing wrong with the way you love. How you are as a person is perfect for you.

No Such Thing As Too Much.

You give what you have freely, you feel everything deeply, you share your passion for life with all. If you are labelled as too much, ignore them you can never be too much if its right for you.

Caring Isn’t Wrong.

Caring is a wonderful trait to have, yes be careful who and what you care about, you will sometimes get that wrong, but that says more about the person you cared about than you. You will get hurt sometimes, that’s just how life is.


Those that respect you are worth your time and energy. If they don’t respect you and make you feel inferior, then get rid of them. Your love and energy for life is what makes them jealous of you.


You may not realize it but your love for life inspires people around you. They see you putting others first, they see your actions being so different to the usual selfish behavior of others and they find themselves gravitating to you as you are the sort of person, they want to be friends with. They see the power within you.

Don’t change who you are for anyone.